Make good money but have nothing to show for it?

Let’s change that. We help women take control of their money. We’ll show you how to budget, get out of debt, save money & systemize your finances.

A better future for you & your family

It’s okay if you don’t already know how to budget or even if you’re using credit cards to get through the month. We will help you get on a budget, systemize your finances and get on the same page with your spouse so you and your family can work to the financial future you know you’re capable of.

Hey! We’re Shana & Vanessa

We’re best friends, business partners & Master Financial Coaches trained by Dave Ramsey. We’re moms and wives just like you, and we’re on a mission to make budgeting doable & uncomplicated for women with full plates and big dreams.

We don’t do cookie cutter budgets. Instead, we offer judgement-free coaching and tailored plans that keep you & your goals front and center.

Let’s Work Together…

1. Signature Budget Template

Organize Your Finances: Purchase our signature budget template and start your journey to financial clarity. Tailored for the DIYer, it’s designed to make managing your money straightforward and stress-free.

2. One Time Coaching Session

Personalized Guidance: Book a one-time coaching session to walk through your financial goals and learn how to maximize the use of your new budget template. We will create a custom plan that fits your life and goals perfectly.

Six Month Coaching Package

Ongoing Support: Choose our six-month coaching package for continuous accountability. With regular check-ins, we’ll help you stay on track, make adjustments as needed, and celebrate your financial milestones along the way.


Imagine if you…

Had someone to listen to you objectively & help you support everything you’ve been carrying on your shoulders when it comes to finances. And you knew exactly what to do next with your money.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients…

Working together has taught me how to tell my money where to go, and every paycheck I know exactly what needs to be paid. For the first time in my life I am paying most of my bills days or weeks in advance.

Lauren P.

Almost a year in and this has been the BEST decision Joe and I have made together in our marriage. We have paid off more than 20k in debt!

Amanda N.

 There is absolutely NO judgment, and instead of feeling pressured into the best ways of handling my finances, I feel INSPIRED! I feel EXCITED! I feel SMART about how we are doing things and in control of funding our future!

Jessica C.

We can also encourage you in your earbuds.

We’ll keep it real.

We’ve got hours of coaching, training, tough love and encouragement all centering around using a budget, saving money, getting out of debt, improving your marriage and changing your family tree.

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