Do you make good money but have nothing to show for it?

Discover How Our Financial Coaching Program Will Set You Up For Success

We help our clients go from making good money but having nothing to show for it to knowing exactly what their money is doing and having a rock-solid plan for the future. We help them create a financial system that automatically gets them to their goals without a lot of time, stress or math.

“Our systems make you feel organized, confident and secure about your financial future.” -Ideal Balance

Our coaching program helps you organize your finances while helping you stay motivated, encouraged and accountable. It’s for women who are ready to take action and who have the mindset, the desire and the discipline to master their money but just need the how and someone to show them. If you want to quickly and easily get on a budget, out of debt and build wealth by working directly with us (Shana & Vanessa) then our coaching program is for you!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for financial coaching with us:

We will help you build and implement our signature financial system which includes:
  • Custom Monthly Budgets
  • Paycheck Plans
  • Net Worth Assessment: Assets & Liabilities
  • Debt Analysis & Payoff Plan
  • Personal Spending Account
  • Automatic Bill Pay System
  • Automated Cash Flow Plan for Vacations, Gift-Giving & Big
  • Expenses
  • Vision & Retirement Goal Setting
  • Investment Strategy & Plan
  • Quick Start to Investing, Compound Interest & Living Off of Dividends
  • Custom Roadmap to Being a Networth Millionaire
  • Unlimited Access & Support: Our response rates are less than two hours during business hours and less than 24 outside of business hours. You’ll never stay stuck!
Plus, you’ll get all of these bonuses:
  • Money Mindset Coaching
  • Naked Budget Meetings & Other Romantic Financial Advice
  • Dream Date Night Agendas w/ Prompts & Questions
  • Generosity & Giving
  • Relationship Building
  • Building the Love Bank Exercises
  • Debunking Insurance Myths Guide
  • Quick Start Guide to Investing, Compound Interest & Living
  • Off of Dividends
  • Diversifying & Reducing risk with investing
  • Christmas Budget Planner
  • Vacation Budget Planner
  • Kids Financial Bootcamp
  • Improved Credit Score Roadmap
  • Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Cheap, Easy & Healthy Cookbook

We helped one couple pay off $80,977 in debt and close 26 credit accounts. Oh, and their marriage is now the best it’s ever been too.

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