10 Yummy & Lean Dinners

Images of dinners that are protein & veggie based.

Hey! We have a process over here at Ideal Balance for slowly dialing in your nutrition according to your goals and your progress. So, while our clients may not START here, they will eventually work there way up to this idea: Dinner is fuel.

Yes, by the time dinner rolls around, they’ve had so many delicious, healthy meals that they’re kind of just eating dinner to stave off middle-of-the-night hunger. They know they’ve had a full, productive day and that they don’t need an explosion of calories for the evening. No, the evening is the time to rest & recover so they don’t need to take in a lot of fuel. They also know what they eat for dinner will determine how well they sleep and how well they fell in the morning. So, unless it’s a plan for joy eating, they’re probably going to stick with a lean protein and veggie for dinner.

It’s with that in mind that we present you with 10 dinners that would be Ideal Balance approved! These are dinners that you can look forward to but that will keep you on the progress train toward your goals!

  1. Turkey Meatballs + Zoodles
  2. Unstuffed Egg Rolls
  3. Beef & Broccoli
  4. Chicken Fried Cauliflower rice
  5. Chicken Rainbow Sheet Pan (minus potatoes)
  6. Salmon w/ Feta + Pine Nuts
  7. Turkey Lettuce Wraps
  8. Stir Fry
  9. Steak + Green Beans (choose a lean cut)
  10. Salad
  11. Chicken Veggie Soup
  12. Whole 30 Chili

PS: If any of this resonated with you, we’d love to work with you 1-on-1. We teach our clients how to build a body they love and change habits slowly to match their goals. In a world with fake quick fixes, we help them adapt a lifestyle that they’ll want to keep. If that resonates with you, please get in touch with the form below!

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  1. […] When we get to dinner we’ve have a lovely day full of yummy food. We might not even be super hungry, but we are going to eat for fuel. When we eat to fuel at night, we want to be sure to eat in a way that will support the night both in terms of digestion and in rest. You don’t want to be super hungry when you go to bed but you do want your tummy to not be very full either. You also don’t want to eat foods that are hard for your body to process. As we progress along your health journey, you’ll figure out what that means for your body. We have healthy dinner ideas that are lean and nutritious here. […]

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