Get our 14 Day Sheet Pan Cookbook.

7 ingredients or less.

7 steps or less.

1 pan to cook & clean.

What’s not to like?

This is the healthiest, easiest cookbook you’ll ever meet.

Once upon a time, we used a cookbook called six ingredients or less to learn how to cook. It was amazing! What it was not was full of super healthy recipes. We have created this cookbook to make you reaching your health goals as simple as possible. It’s an e-cookbook, so you can download it and save it to your files or print it out and keep it in your kitchen!

Many of our clients don’t cook or don’t know how to cook. Others have been cooking the way their mamas cooked for so long, it’s kind of like relearning. Still others are just hard pressed to find the time to cook. This cook book will solve all their problems.

  • Step 1. Wash /chop ingredients.
  • Step 2. Flavor ingredients.
  • Step 3. Dump ingredients on pan and cook.
  • Step 4. Divide into four servings. Eat one, meal prep the others!

This cookbook also makes it easy to meal prep as every recipe can be divided into four servings and put in containers for lunches or dinners to come. We created 14 recipes for you so that you could double this every month and only have to repeat recipes twice!

Examples of recipes in our cookbook:

Beef & Broccoli
Greek Sheet Pan
Chicken Fajitas
Steak & Potatoes
Balsamic Basil Bowls
Shrimp Boil

What do you say? Ready to purchase?