2 steps to being instantly happier

Last night we were so fortunate to have Katie & Brandon Oakes as our guest speakers for our Dream Date Night: Generosity. Below are two of the tips they shared with us about generosity that really blew our minds!

1. Be generous.

How joyful do you feel when you’re generous? Think about anytime you’ve been able to give your time, you talents, your money to someone who really needed it. Think about when you’ve been able to be generous for no reason even. How did that make you feel? We bet you’re smiling right now, thinking about it! Being generous MAKES you happy. It’s actually kind of a selfish thing to do, if you think about it. Being generous 100% makes you happy. So, if you want to be happy, BE GENEROUS.

You can totally be in control of your own mood, mental health, happiness by being generous. In this way, it’s a really neat thought to think that you can protect your joy by being generous. You can be proactive and protective about your joy by being generous.

So right now, how can you be generous? Give someone a compliment, pay for someone’s coffee, pick a way to be generous!

2. Give what you need.

Sometimes you feel like you are in need of something in particular, maybe a mood boost, help with the kids, a hug, loving words. Do you know the act of giving that away will actually help you fill a need. It’s a weird phenomenon, but it absolutely works! SO next time you feel that way, give a try and watch your happiness levels instantly go up!

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