Sweet Potato Hash

I call this the healthy hamburger helper. It’s fast, clean & delish!


  • Lean Ground Meat (most would choose turkey but Texas girls choose beef)
  • Cubed sweet potatoes
  • Diced Onion
  • Minced Garlic
  • Herbs/Spices of choice
  • Olive oil


  • Brown meat, drain & set aside.
  • Heat olive oil & garlic in pan.
  • Add in sweet potatoes, onions and spices, drizzle/spray olive oil over. Cover & cook on med/high heat.
  • Flip after 5-10 minutes, cover & cook again.
  • Keep saturated enough with olive oil to keep veges from burning. Cook until potatoes are softened, add meat back in.
  • Serve, put extra portions in Tupperware for lunch tomorrow and devour dinner! 

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