Date Night Bingo

You’re in for a treat today, just in time for Valentine’s Day! At Ideal Balance, we’re all about the quality of your relationships! And for quality and depth, you need intimacy. Most people equate intimacy with the bedroom, but what is it really?

Date night

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close familiarity or friendship; closeness.

If you want intimacy, if you want to feel close with your spouse, you’ve got to set aside time for date night! And, to make that even better & easier, we’re giving you a game to play at your next date night! You want to aim for BINGO. That’s how you know you’ve had an incredible date!

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Date night

Check out some of the squares you can cross off by playing our Fun Date Night Bingo game!

  • Easy: kiss, Eat dinner, tickle or be tickled, hold hands
  • Medium: write love notes to one another, make each other laugh, dance, pray together
  • Next Level: watch sunrise or sunset together, choose each other’s outfit, exercise together, re-read your marriage vows,

That’s just the tip of the iceberg so be sure to download, print & play Date Night Bingo soon!

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