Do things the “manual” way to improve your life

As healthy adults or at least adults who want to be healthy, we should be getting about 10,000 steps everyday. The problem is, that is really difficult to do in our modern sitting & driving society.

Our client has been working on her health habits and losing weight. She’d gotten consistent with 8K steps but was struggling to hit 10K consistently. When she told us she hit over 10K steps, we were OVER the moon. The fact that she did it this way? Even better!

I got over 10K steps because we walked / rollerbladed to Grandma’s house instead of driving.”


Be honest: what BETTER way do you have to spend your time than out in the fresh air, being leisurely active with your kids? Other than other SIMILAR activities, we bet it’s hard to come up with an answer.

The modern lie is it’s better to be inside, everyone on their individual electronic device.

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The other way is better in LITERALLY every single way. For relationships, for health, for sleep, for anxiety, for connection, for restoration, for ALL THE THINGS.

In a previous session this client had hit the 10K mark a few times when she decluttered her house. We talked about how taking care of your home takes more time, requires lots of work but the effect is more steps & being active (yay!) and a peaceful, nice home (yay!). All of that leads to more life satisfaction, we’re sure. Doing the thing the “manual” way may seem wrong. But it’s right!

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How can you trade those modern “conveniences” for something better this week?

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