Spiritual Warfare: What it is & how to fight it with Stefanie Gass

What is nagging at you right now? What’s the one thing that you really want to do, to cross off your list, to FINALLY tackle? There’s usually one or two things that are nagging at us that for some reason just stay undone. But, whyyyyyy? Most of the time it’s because we’ve made the problem into some big ambiguous cloud in our head. If we took the time to really think/brainstorm about it, it really wouldn’t seem quite so difficult after all. So, that’s the exercise we’re going to work through today. In this episode we cover: How to call out what’s nagging you How you’re making the thing BIGGER than the thing needs to be How to brainstorm things down to their smallest parts How to make big things (i.e. organizing a junk room) little things (bulleted list) How to prioritize & schedule doing the small things Website – > http://www.myidealbalance.com Connect – > info@myidealbalance.com **If you’d like more help, we’d love to work together **** Option 1: Grab our free guided life coaching session – > myidealbalance.com/guidedsession Option 2: Join our newsletter – > ck.myidealbalance.com/newsletter Option 3: Hop on a free call to see if we should work together! – > calendly.com/myidealbalance/level-10-life-call This episode is also available as a blog post: https://myidealbalance.com/2022/11/16/how-to-stop-being-stuck-and-take-action-immediately/ — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/idealbalance/message
  1. 53. How to stop being stuck and take action immediately
  2. 52. Spiritual Warfare: What it is & how to fight it with Stefanie Gass
  3. 51. You’re doing a really great job for everyone else– but what about for yourself?
  4. 50. Life Coach Session takeaways: what to do when the situation sucks, how to be okay with not being a rockstar every month, how to get MOTIVATED to start your next home organization project…
  5. 49. Guided Life Coaching Session

Have you ever battled an addiction with your phone, social media or alcohol?

Have you ever tried at a business and failed?

Have little things with your child culminated into a big thing?

Have you been stuck just feeling stuck and discontent?

Sometimes we think these things are just us “failing at life.” Today we’re going to talk to you about how they may be evidence of spiritual warfare. These strongholds in your life can trap you and keep you from living our your full purpose. 

You’re sitting in a trial in your life because you’re not gleaning the lesson

Stefanie Gass

Today we are honored to have Stefanie Gass on our show to talk to you about how to walk through spiritual battles in your life. In this episode we cover:

  • How to recognize a spiritual attack
  • What your discernment alarm is and how to use it
  • Where you’re most vulnerable to attack
  • Why you you may be stuck sitting in the same trial and haven’t overcome it yet
  • Why you must NAME the attack
  • How to call on God & let Him fight for you
  • How to equip yourself to fight 
  • Why your battles don’t end with prayer
  • How to receive victory

Sometimes we take the bait from the enemy and we end up lost. Just look up to find your Savior waiting for you.

Stefanie Gass

Get the 7-Step Spiritual Battle Plan to Defeat the Enemy, Spiritual
Warfare, and Strongholds from Psalms 18 here: http://www.stefaniegass.com/battleplan

Stefanie Gass is a CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast! Stef helps women get clear on their niche, start a podcast, and grow a successful online business, God’s way. 

She is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show. 

Stef believes it’s possible to partner with God to create impact and income without sacrificing or buying into social media hustle.

Connect w/ Stef: http://www.thestefaniegasshow.com

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