Spiritual Warfare: What it is & how to fight it with Stefanie Gass

66. The Rolling Budget: The Wrong Way, The Right Way + Tips For Your Budget IDEAL BALANCE: How to Budget, Get Out of Debt, Save Money + Systems to Organize Your Finances

We don’t want you to be controlled BY your money. We want you to CONTROL your money. You probably have enough money, you just don’t have a plan.  That plan is the Rolling Budget! The budget isn’t everyone’s favorite but it’s the singular tool to use to hit EVERY SINGLE goal you’ve got. Listen in for tips about starting & maintaining a budget as easily and effectively as possible.  In this episode we cover:  What people are doing wrong when it comes to budgeting The step-by-step process to start your budget quickly How to do a bank account audit The difference between gross pay and net pay Best practices for setting up your budget The difference between bills, debt and expenses How to account for the different needs every month in the budget When you should use cash and when you should keep your money digital Why you should try cash How to use an emergency fund to make budgeting work Why a small emergency fund is okay What bills you need to shop around for lower prices Pro tips for communicating about money in marriage How to avoid emotional purchases Budgets & beer Most people are using bank account balancing as their primary financial tool. This means they look at their phone to see if they can afford something. With a budget, you always know exactly what you can afford and how you’re going to meet your goals. A budget tells your money where to go rather than wondering where it went. Be sure to visit https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action  Book a free call: calendly.com/myidealbalance2/freecall Email us any questions: info@myidealbalance.com IDEAL BALANCE: How to Budget, Get Out of Debt, Save Money + Financial Systems to Organize Your Money Even successful, high-achieving, Jesus-following moms need help organizing their finances. We want to help you learn how to budget, how to get out of debt & how to save money. We do this through 1-on-1 coaching where we teach you how to stop stressing about money & install systems that automate your finances. Once you have these money systems, you’ll be able to live debt-free, build wealth & achieve financial freedom. Join us to ditch the bad money habits & take control of your financial future. Shana & Vanessa are best friends, business partners & Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches. Get the Digital Envelope System Our Client Used to Pay Off $17,591 in Debt and Save $23,000 in 7 Months Workbook here: https://ck.myidealbalance.com/deguide Connect With Us: Website → https://myidealbalance.com Podcast → https://anchor.fm/idealbalance  Facebook → https://facebook.com/MyIdealBalance  YouTube→ https://youtube.com/@IdealBalance  — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/idealbalance/message
  1. 66. The Rolling Budget: The Wrong Way, The Right Way + Tips For Your Budget
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  3. 64. 8 things high schoolers know about saving money that you might not
  4. 63. Is your credit card company using this tactic to get you to pay 80% more interest over a lifetime?
  5. 62. From no money for groceries to paying off $80K in debt! Client Success Story w/ Amanda & Joe

Have you ever battled an addiction with your phone, social media or alcohol?

Have you ever tried at a business and failed?

Have little things with your child culminated into a big thing?

Have you been stuck just feeling stuck and discontent?

Sometimes we think these things are just us “failing at life.” Today we’re going to talk to you about how they may be evidence of spiritual warfare. These strongholds in your life can trap you and keep you from living our your full purpose. 

You’re sitting in a trial in your life because you’re not gleaning the lesson

Stefanie Gass

Today we are honored to have Stefanie Gass on our show to talk to you about how to walk through spiritual battles in your life. In this episode we cover:

  • How to recognize a spiritual attack
  • What your discernment alarm is and how to use it
  • Where you’re most vulnerable to attack
  • Why you you may be stuck sitting in the same trial and haven’t overcome it yet
  • Why you must NAME the attack
  • How to call on God & let Him fight for you
  • How to equip yourself to fight 
  • Why your battles don’t end with prayer
  • How to receive victory

Sometimes we take the bait from the enemy and we end up lost. Just look up to find your Savior waiting for you.

Stefanie Gass

Get the 7-Step Spiritual Battle Plan to Defeat the Enemy, Spiritual
Warfare, and Strongholds from Psalms 18 here: http://www.stefaniegass.com/battleplan

Stefanie Gass is a CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast! Stef helps women get clear on their niche, start a podcast, and grow a successful online business, God’s way. 

She is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show. 

Stef believes it’s possible to partner with God to create impact and income without sacrificing or buying into social media hustle.

Connect w/ Stef: http://www.thestefaniegasshow.com

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