3 Lessons We’ve Learned As Professional Organizers

This image shows a pretty picture of what having your home organized looks like and invites you to find out about 3 lessons we've learned about being professional organizers. There's lots of pink and teal.

Today we’re going to tell you three lessons we’ve learned as professional home organizers. But first! Why do you care? 

  1. 12% of people are embarrassed to have people in their homes due to clutter. (source)
  2. Clutter makes moms more stressed, can cause you to eat more and make it harder to sleep. (source)
  3. According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in the average home. (source)

Which one of those stats hits your heart the most? Which one rings a bell?

3 Lessons We’ve Learned As Professional Organizers

1. Everyone loves an organized home

A dog and man are keeping their home tidy and organized

We are typically hired by the moms. They bring us in because they are trying, desperately, to keep it all together. They’re trying to manage crazy schedules, lots of laundry, feeding folks healthy food and so much that making the home tidy is just not on the schedule. That’s just fine, this is why we love to swoop in and help. We want mom’s life to be easier, more efficient, require less work and we want her home to bring her peace and joy.

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What is less obvious is the toll the clutter and disorganization is having on the kids and the husbands. They may not speak it or even know it, but everyone in the home is weighed down by clutter and the lack of organization and function. Likewise, when we get to the other side of a home transformation, these children and husbands are smiling, they’re excited, they’re motivated. They seem like they’re in a better mood, as if they’re lighter and, in some cases, feeling more carefree and creative. It’s pretty awesome.

Takeaway: Even though they may not say it or notice it, your family WILL be happier if you get your home organized.

2. The family will surprise you. 

boys bouncing on bed in a clean organized room

Mom is often anxious about how everyone will react. Will the kids be upset about the toys, the husband unwilling to let go of electronics? In a word: no. As long as we help mom cast the vision, everyone seems eager and willing to discard what they don’t need. Often, they are willing to get rid of more than mom would’ve ever suspected. 

What’s even more awesome is that they are typically awesome at maintaining the system we’ve helped mom put into place. They’re excited to reclaim their space, their items, their brain calories. In every instance, they feel they can enjoy their space again. We coach that your kiddos should only have enough stuff that they can 100 percent maintain on their own. When we get the “stuff” down to that level, the kiddos have less to clean up so guess what? They tend to do it! Have you heard that boredom makes you more creative? Well, the fewer items kiddos have, the more creative and more fun they have with their favorite items they choose to keep! And, while mom & dad are feeling less bogged down with stuff and clutter, what might they do with all that free time? 😉

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Likewise, whether hubby is the more or less messy one, if mom models the behavior, they almost always begin to follow suit. 

Takeaway: Raise your expectations for your family to help you with home organization. They will follow your lead.

3. You don’t need more stuff to organize your stuff.

Three towels folded beautifully. Home organization is not complicated.

Because we charge for our services, the budget to buy organization items can be limited for some of our clients. And, part of our process is to discard before we organize anyway. Guess what we’ve found? Most clients have almost everything they need to get organized already. While organization items are pretty and aesthetically pleasing, you really don’t need them. Likewise, most of the work you’ll do to discard what you don’t need / want will transform your home all by itself. We can get through an entire home using the things the homeowner already has almost 100 percent of the time. If we buy organization items, it’s after we’ve done most of the work. 

Takeaway: Don’t stall getting your home organized by thinking you need to buy items. Discard & organize first, then buy items that work with what’s left.

Okay, so those were some fun lessons we’ve learned that might help motivate your home organization journey. Here’s a thought to close with:

Every minute you spend thinking about clutter, moving clutter, wondering where you’ve put things and being unable to focus due to clutter is time robbed from your family, your relationships, your hobbies, your passions and your dreams.

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