3 Simple Steps to Reset Your Health This Year

Everyone has health goals in January, don’t they?

That’s actually great and wonderful. Here at Ideal Balance, we’re for that. The problem we see is when folks try to make it too complicated too quickly and they wear themselves out before they have a chance to see success.

So, this year, if you want to reset your health we have three simple, easy, baby steps for you to do just that.

  1. Drink LOTS of water. Water is the secret ingredient to weight loss. We love water because it helps you be healthy. Almost every function your body performs requires water. So, we need to flush it full of water so all the systems and functions our body does for us everyday! Also, the same spot in your brain tells your body if you’re hungry or thirsty, so it’s easy to get confused. Drinking water can stave off cravings. Also, we’re certain the more time you’re spending popping in and out of the bathroom, the less time you can snack or graze! We recommend you drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water daily. Set up a routine, a habit, a specific water bottle in order to make it happen!
  1. Get more sleep. Your body burns fat & calories while you’re sleeping so GO TO BED. Yes, go to bed to allow your body to rest from all the hard work it does each day. Not getting enough sleep will cause your brain to seek out sugar for energy since it’s tired. So, outsmart it by GOING TO BED! Finally, and again this is our secret tip, you can’t eat if you’re asleep. Aren’t we brilliant?
  1. Only eat when you’re hungry. This sounds like common sense, but it’s not very common. Most of the time we eat because it’s time to eat. Or we eat because someone put food in front of us. Maybe we eat because other people are eating. We might also eat when we’re not very hungry. If you take the time to check in with yourself before you eat and wait until you’re actually hungry, that’ll be a really great step in resetting your health!

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Ideal Balance is The Life Coaching Facility in Navarre focused on Fitness, Family & Finance. We know people are stressed about money, they’re unorganized, they’re unhappy with their bodies, they’re distracted and they’re not thriving. But we believe humans are built to be strong & energetic and that good things come to those who work hard and are disciplined. So we coach people to get healthy, to get organized, & to get debt free. The vision is people having a happy & healthy life they’re proud of. We don’t take excuses but we do get results!

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