3 Super Simple Recipes that are Healthy, Yummy & Uncomplicated

One of our favorite things we heard lately was someone say, “I don’t use recipes.” We thought to ourselves, “Hey, that’s us!” Most people have this belief that eating healthy is complicated or requires a lot of work. Actually, we think it’s easier than eating the way culture promotes. Yes, eating healthy requires less ingredients, less time and less brain power. Once you get rid of things that are processed recipes get super simple. Most of the time for dinner it is a math equation that looks like this:

Meat + Vegetable + Olive Oil + Salt & Pepper + Garlic = Dinner

It’s that simple. There’s no thinking. It doesn’t mean it’s not tasty, it just means you can actually taste your food rather than the sugary-condiments, flour, butter or whatever else those complicated recipes call for. So, give it a try this week. Try to plan & make YOUR dinners with this simple equation and see how it requires less brain calories, less ingredients and less dishes!

To add to your recipe boxes, we’ve got three amazing recipes that require very few ingredients and take as long as you’d spend sitting in a drive through to make!

Egg Roll In A Bowl

Everyone loves this recipe! Seriously, everyone. So, you will too. Can you believe I used to actually chop cabbage and shred carrots back in the day? Nowadays I grab a bag of tricolored coleslaw and call it a day. And, if you’re being smart about getting healthy you’ll always have things like garlic, ginger, rice vinegar, coconut aminos and honey in your pantry. Add this one to your repertoire.

Shrimp Sheet Pan

You can’t beat this recipe. It’s yummy, it’s SO easy and it’s so healthy. Sheet pans should be a large part of your life. They make things seem easier at least in part by reducing cooking dishes-I’m here for that! Recipe.

Mediterranean Bowl

Okay, here’s the deal. Anytime you say “bowl” when referring to a recipe, it just means you’re taking the original intention behind the recipe and making it super cool, super easy and WAY healthier. Examples include: fajita bowl, burger bowl, taco bowl, buffalo chicken bowl, Hawaiian bowl, BBQ bowl. You get it. This Mediterranean Bowl “recipe” requires no cooking unless you want to cook your own protein! However, even that can be solved with some nitrate-free deli meat!

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