4 Reasons You Need Date Night

Date Night is something that we know we need to do with our spouse but it’s also one of the first things that gets dropped from busy, overwhelmed schedules. At Ideal Balance, we encourage clients to budget date night in with their finances and the calendar as one of their TOP priorities and we’re going to do the same for you! This particular line item should be added to your budget just as soon as all the basic needs & wants are met with your finances. It should also get plugged into your schedules priority-wise after work and before kids activities. Why? Here are 5 reasons you need date night!

1. You need to shake it up.

We know you’re busy. We know you’ve made commitments. However, you need to shake up what we “business” of life: the kids, the schedules, the house repairs, the bills. You need time that is just for fun, for play and just for you!

2. Put each other first!

By making date night a priority, you’re proving to your spouse that they come first and that they are important. This goes a long way in developing/maintaining trust and commitment in a relationship. It creates a sense of team or “we-ness” that you won’t get any other way. The National Marriage Report tells us that couples who do this are “markedly” happier and even have lower rates of divorce.

3. Melt the stress away

Everyone needs stress relief. Whether you’re busy with kids or just work and life, you need time to destress. Scheduling that time with the person you’ve chosen to partner with in life is a great way to relieve stress. Studies show the intimate conversation and emotional support that can happen at date night can help you destress.

4. Duh, it’ll improve your sex life.

Did you know studies show that the romance & intimacy in a relationship lasts less than two years for most couples? However, adding in date nights can increase intimacy and connection which will increase desire! Date Night is all about just the two of you-minus the stress and business of your busy life. That time is necessary to fuel the fire of desire.

If you’re local in Navarre, Florida, join us for our next Dream Date Night Event!

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