5 reasons why you need a budget right now

A budget reduces your stress.

A budget reduces uncertainty. Uncertainty is what is making you stressed right now. Not knowing is being stuck. Getting everything out on the table is hard work, sure, but it will guarantee you stress less about money.

A budget gives you freedom to spend.

Most people think a budget means you can’t spend money. On the contrary! We encourage all of our clients to create a spending money or fun money category. That’s money they plan to spend without guilt or stress! From there, we also encourage them to budget the fun things in life like date nights, birthdays and vacation. The difference with a budget is you plan for these things, so you know you’ll actually have the money. You plan for the fun, set the money aside, and then bringing home only the memories. That’s instead of planning the fun, not having any money for it, going into debt to fund it and then carrying around that burden.

A budget clarifies your priorities.

Do you know what your priorities are in life? Do you know where most of your money goes right now? You might think you know these things, but most people haven’t truly thought them through and then put them down on paper. On purpose. That’s what a budget will do. For example, many times folks are spending hundreds of dollars eating out and not saving money for college for their kiddos. Or some folks are spending more on Amazon a month than they have in a savings account. When they think it through, this is probably not what they want, right? As your coaches, we will guide you through a discussion about your priorities and your future. Then we will help you create a budget to match them.

A budget makes your future possible.

We all have a vision for our future. We like to ask you what your future would look like if money wasn’t an issue. That’s certainly a possibility if you start telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went! But, your future isn’t going to happen on accident. It takes planning, good habits and work to get there.

A budget gives you a goal.

We work with folks in every kind of situation: couples, families and single folks. Regardless of your situation, we’ll help you set mini goals and then celebrate as you succeed! Savings account. Check! Credit card paid off. Check! Paid for vacation in cash. Check! These wins are so good for you & your mental health! You’ll prove to yourself you can do hard things and that builds confidence. As you move along the path to financial freedom, the goals get bigger and you get better.

If you are ready to get on a budget, let us help you! Schedule your free, 15-minute, no-obligation consult today!

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