5 things you need to budget for in August

Every month brings different problems for your budget. here are 5 things that might need to be added to your August budget:

  • School
    • Supplies
    • Clothes
    • Lunch money
    • Sports items
    • Medical – Physicals / Vaccinations
  • Last minute fun
    • Are you going on one last trip? One last camping trip or family visit?
  • Wardrobe refresh
    • We already mentioned school clothes, but you might need some things for the new season, whether it’s personal or for career.
  • Christmas
    • It’s going to come up whether you plan for it or not. Consider setting aside a little cash each check to use for Christmas shopping!
  • Birthdays
    • We almost always forget to budget for birthdays even though they come up at the same time each year. Check your calendar- you may be buying presents, going to a party or just out for a meal!

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