7 Steps to Your Ideal Weight

1. Move.

Start where you’re at. The first thing we want you to do is start moving your body. It doesn’t matter how much or how little “fit” you are, we’re going to get you moving. That may mean intense workouts or it may mean 10 minute walks. We’re going to get you moving, get you in touch with your body. This is key because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be sleeping better, your mood will be boosted, you’ll almost automatically start eating better and you’ll be on your way to building a body you’re proud of.

  • Pick an activity with aligned with your current fitness level.
  • Don’t be afraid to start small. (*Tip: Start so small even that it will almost be easier not to do it.)
  • Schedule it on your calendar.
  • Honor that commitment.

2. Reduce.

Right after we get moving, we want to do the work to reduce our temptations & bad habits. At this point, we’re going to eliminate all junk food from your home. This doesn’t mean you can never have it again or eat for fun again. It means we’re going to reduce the temptations in your home. If you have to put on clothes and drive to get the junk food, you’re far less likely to do so.

Some of you might be tempted to keep it for your family. Guess what? They don’t need it either. If it’s the kids we’re talking about, you’re the boss so it’s fine. In our experience kids never lack for junk food as it comes at almost every turn: school, friends’ houses, sports, church, etc. If it’s your significant other, try to keep stuff they enjoy that doesn’t tempt you. Also, try to keep it all together in a bin that you can’t see through and you can’t get to as easily.

  • Clean out pantry, fridge & refrigerator of all junk food.

3. Track.

There’s a famous line we repeat over and over: you can’t measure what you don’t manage. We’re going to agree that this is just the starting point. We’re not going to even try to edit just yet. Instead, at this point, we’re just going to track everything on paper, on purpose. This will be a real eye opener and it will really let us know where we stand and what we have for improvement.

We will track weight and inches and body fat. Some programs do not focus on this, they focus on how you feel or how your clothes fit or some such other indicator. We certainly celebrate and concentrate on those aspects in our program too. But we also look at these numbers because they keep us accountable and they happen to translate to those other things quite nicely. Moreover, we specifically do the work to help you get over the emotions that come with measuring on the scale. Other programs have you avoid those emotions. We are going to work through them and get your mind right about what the scale actually means (*Hint: It has nothing to do with your self-worth).

We’re also going to track your food, water and movement. Again, at this point it’s not really about improving, we just want to get a baseline of where we’re starting. We also want to get all of out numbers out on the table: the calories we’re consuming, the calories we’re using, the gravitational pull we have on Earth.

  • Measure weight, inches & body fat.
  • Begin tracking your food each day.
  • Track your water intake each day.
  • Track how you moved each day.

4. Plan.

This step is where we’re going to really take it up a notch. NOw that you’re used to moving, you’ve reduced temptations and you’ve got a real gauge on your daily habits, we’ can begin to plan better. We will use that data to plan exactly how often and how much you should be exercising. We’ll also know by then more about your exercise habits so we can plan the type and time you should be doing it.

We will also look at what you tracked for your nutrition and go over the healthy foods and meals you love and plan your particular food protocol. We will also plan your water intake goal.

  • Plan your meals.
  • Plan your snacks.
  • Plan your fun food.
  • Plan your workouts.
  • Plan your active life.
  • Plug it all into your schedule.

5. Celebrate.

We are going to celebrate every silly little win along the way. We’re also going to celebrate all the big wins too!

Walked for 20 minutes? Celebrate!

Said no to the cake? Celebrate!

Did a real push-up? Celebrate!

Got all your water in? Celebrate!

Lost 5 pounds? Celebrate!

Worked out 5 times this week? Celebrate!

  • Be mindful of victories & celebrate them intentionally.

6. Monitor. 7. Adjust.

Now that we’re planning / tracking, we’re going to monitor our progress. This is where we start to become really intentional. You see, we might notice the scale goes up for no good reason. Ah! But since you’ve been tracking, you know it actually went up because you ate spaghetti with beef the night before and that bloats you. Interesting.

You might notice that you’re drinking half your body weight in water, but you’re still feeling it’s not enough. We’re going to up the water intake and see if that makes a difference.

You might notice you’re not getting winded or sore as much from your workouts. Now we’ll step up the intensity of your workouts a bit.

All of these things come from intentional monitoring of your body. In fact, this is the concept of listening your body or intuition. Because all of this is truly about you being at your best, we need to be really in touch with your body as we go on. It will give us clues. Moreover, the reason most of us got into the bad shape we’re in is from not listening to our bodies-both physically and emotionally. So, this process is about fixing that.

That’s you’re 7 step process to getting to your Ideal Weight. We call this the fighting weight-similar to a professional wrestler. This is the weight you perform your best at. It’s the weight and fitness level you feel strong and confident, but you’re able to enjoy life (and pizza) too.

If you’re interested in getting help 1-on-1 with this, fill the form out below and we’ll be in touch.

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