$73,034 in debt paid off this July!


That’s how much non-mortgage debt our clients paid off in July!

Isn’t that inspiring? We are so excited for them. A lot of people think getting on a budget will restrict them. In actuality, it gives you freedom to spend because you KNOW exactly how much you have and you know everything is covered! That allows you to let the stress and anxiety melt away. Of course, getting out of debt is one of our first goals with your budget.

We coach 1-1 virtually & in person. Check out this fun photo of our client who has taken a second job to make extra money in order to get out of debt faster!

We’re Dave Ramsey master certified financial coaches so we quote him all the time. He has this joke we love:

Do you know what you have when you don’t have payments?

-Pause for effect-


If you still have debt, do this quick exercise: Add up your monthly minimum payments. Then, imagine what you could be doing with that money.

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