8 tips to organize your closet this weekend

1. Do it all at once.

Get it all out and go through everything at once. If you don’t, you will end up having to do this again very soon. Getting it all out at once also truly allows you to see EXACTLY what you have, how many of each type, size and color of items. That will help you make better decisions. Doing it all at once will also help you better organize your space because it’ll be empty and give you a fresh start once you’re ready to put everything back together.

2. Get creative with furniture.

If you’ve got room in your closet, you can put furniture inside of it both to act as storage and to make room in your actual bedroom. We don’t advocate buying organizational items until you’re really sure about your space and the amount of stuff you’re keeping. Of course, if you’ve got room and money, you can opt for an entirely new closet system.

3. Decide what to put in drawers vs. closet

If you want to keep all of your pants in the dresser or all of your t-shirts, fine! But let’s make that decision before we get started so that you know exactly how much space you are working with for each type of item.

4. Make it easy to put away.

We always harp on this one. But, the example here is there was no clear system for shoes for this teenager? So guess where they went? We repurposed a few household items until a shoe rack could be procured and that gave our lovely teenager able to keep her shoes tidy.

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5. Store bags in bags

Marie Kondo says, “The best place to store bags is in other bags.” We agree! Let your favorites be out on display and tuck the others inside. You can categorize if you so desire by putting all of your fancy bags in one or all of your clutches in one bag and so forth. You might think this method will make it harder to use your purses, but on the contrary! Now all of your bags will be in one place and they’ll be easy to get to as well!

6. Create a boutique. (let there be space)

Your closet is your the personal space that gives you a chance to put your style, your personality and your favorite things on display. Whether that’s the teddy bear your dad gave you & nursing graduation cap or your favorite accessories and art work, make it fun and uniquely you! Of course, this means you’ll have to have space to do such things so that gives you even more motivation to simplify.

7. Store things less often used in the hardest to reach places. Keep the good real estate for everyday items.

Make sure the things that you use everyday are easy to get to and easy to put away. Anything that gets used less often (or never) can go in the harder to reach shelves and hanging spots in the closet. For example, this client’s racing shirts are on a very tall shelf in her closet. They bring her joy but she doesn’t use them often. So, they’re using real estate that we don’t value as much as what’s below: her work clothes.

8. Solve your space problems.

We love the story Christy Wright tells of how long it used to take her to get dressed. She’d often have to go through two or three outfits just to finally settle on what would work. Since she was on camera and on stage all the time, you can see why her clothes are important! Eventually she realized the problem was the lighting in her closet. She couldn’t really see the clothes she was going to pick out clearly or even really tell the actual colors. She ended up changing the light bulb in her closet to be much brighter and it dramatically reduced the time it took her to get ready!

In the example above, our client has really tall shelves in her closet so we’ve kept a step stool in there her grandfather made so it’s not complicated to grab items or put stuff away. Take a moment to look around your closet. What are your problems? What are your frustrations? What is harder than it needs to be? Now, what small change can you make to make your life easier?

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