Affirmation Lockscreen: Money edition

We recently learned that affirmation lockscreens are all the rage. We totally get it. In fact, here’s one lockscreen we’ve been using for 5+ years:

With this trend in mind, we decided to create affirmation lockscreens that you can use to help you while you’re budgeting, getting out of debt and building wealth.

Simply right click on the image, or tap and hold. Then choose save as! Read along for a bit of extra oomph for each affirmation.

If I can’t pay cash for it, I can’t afford it.

The new mindset is to pay for things with cash. That might mean paying for something out of your spending money line item in your budget or it might mean setting aside a little cash each month until you can afford the thing (furniture, vacation, new watch).

The first rule of getting out of debt is to borrow no more. If you keep using debt to pay for things, you’ll never be debt free.

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Stickin’ to my budget, stickin’ to my goals.

Your budget is a reflection of what is most important to you. In fact, Dave Ramsey says, “Show me your budget, I’ll show you what you value.”

Never fall into the mindset trap of thinking that a budget is restricting you. No, if you’re on a budget then that means you’ve spent time and energy deciding what is most important to do with your money. In most cases that is providing basic needs for your family, going on vacation, saving for college or celebrating a birthday. So, when you choose not to spend money on something frivolous, that means you’re prioritizing those important things. Everytime you feel like you want to go off budget, just think to yourself, “Stickin’ to my budget, stickin’ to my goals.”

Ps: It is important to set big goals & vision before you start budgeting. So, be sure to do that.

It is only going to get better from here.

This is a line we used just last week in a session recap for a client. When you first begin budgeting, it’s hard. It can be hard just getting everything out on the table.

As another client said recently, “You have to get all of the icky stuff out of the corners.” But! The good news is, it only gets better. The MOMENT you start budgeting, your finances start looking up. And, every ounce of work you’re putting in is building a bigger and brighter future.

Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much.

This verse in Luke is so inspiring and you can apply it to your finances right now. Your faithfulness in stewarding God’s money is important! We’ve watched the floodgates open when you start being intentional with your money. That means new jobs, raises, bonuses and all kinds of things. It’s also important to point out that if you don’t learn to live beneath your means when they’re small, you’ll carry that same bad habit with you even if you do increase your income. On the flip side, if you can live on a budget right now, when you get a raise, everything gets a raise, including your giving & your saving!

I am saving for my big dreams!

What better way to stay motivated than to remind yourself why you’re being disciplined with money? You have BIG dreams, BIG goals. Maybe you want to go on a big vacation. Maybe you want to buy a house. Maybe you want to change jobs without concern. Maybe you want to take a year sabbatical and go do missionary work. Whatever they are, let that excitement PULL you into the future and keep you disciplined in the present.

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Paul said to the Philippians: At the moment I have everything I need, I am generously supplied.

Saying this affirmation creates a feeling of contentment and gratitude. You’ve heard that gratitude is powerful. Channel your gratitude and abundance mindset toward God. God has supplied you with everything you need already.

Short term sacrifices, long term gains.

This affirmation applies to every area in your life, but certainly to your finances. We tell clients this nearly every day. Short term sacrifices, long term gain. Over and over! It helps you get through the not-so-fun moments because you’re acknowledging that it’s a sacrifice but not giving in to the toddler in your brain that wants now, now, now! A short term sacrifice might mean not eating out at a restaurant or not getting the latest phone. Long term gains are all of your big, crazy, exciting dreams!

No is a complete sentence.

We first heard “No is a complete sentence,” from Chris Hogan during Financial Peace University. It’s golden! This mantra can be used, again, in many parts of your life. It’s about establishing boundaries. You can say no and you don’t have to explain yourself. Sometimes that might be TO yourself, sometimes it might be to your kiddos. You can say no to spending, even if it’s uncomfortable. And you don’t have to explain yourself.

Do yourself a favor and use this affirmation for other areas in your life too.

Congrats on saving a million dollars.

This one is kind of fun, isn’t it? Congratulate your future self on this huge accomplishment. By the way, saving a million dollars is totally possible, just use the Rule of 72 to figure it out.

I am set apart.

You’re supposed to be different. So, when you’re doing things differently, (not using debt, sticking to a budget, saving money, not spending on frivolous things, etc) you’re on the right track! Remind yourself of that with this set apart affirmation lockscreen.

You were created on purpose for a purpose.

This last affirmation is just for funsies! It’s not exactly to do with money, though we believe you managing your money is going to help you fulfill your purpose. Just remember, you’re not bumbling through life, being tossed and thrown around by circumstances and things happening TO YOU. No, you’re in charge. You’re like Nehemiah, you’re doing a great work and you can’t be distracted. You were created on purpose for a purpose!

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