You’re doing a really great job for everyone else

You’re absolutely capable of doing hard things and helping other people achieve their goals. Why then is it so difficult for you to make progress on your own dreams and desires?

The truth is that you have very little brain calories, time or energy leftover for yourself after taking care of everyone else. That means when it’s time to muster up the motivation for your own workouts, morning routine or savings goals you’re drawing on empty. 

Maybe you feel like Brittany? 

She was crushing it at life – or at least it seemed like it to everyone else. 

But on the inside, she knew better. 

She was feeling stress & anxiety about her family’s finances & health, and the impact on her marriage. She was worried that she wasn’t spending enough time with her children.

She had a long list of to-do’s that only seemed to grow. 

She hadn’t been to the gym in months. 

She couldn’t look in certain rooms or areas of her home because they were filled with clutter and unmade decisions. 

She consistently put her family’s needs before her own because she thought that was the right thing to do. 

She was frustrated because any financial discussion with her husband somehow turned into an argument within two minutes.

She often worried if she was good enough because she really thought her marriage, finances and home would be in better shape if she was. 

Worst of all, she finally admitted to herself that she needed a drink at night to unwind and make sense of it all.

She knew she was capable of more but she just couldn’t seem to do the more.

Have you experienced similar problems? What did you do to solve them?

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