Are you showing up for future you?

This week in our group coaching program, we’re talking about choosing long-lasting well-being over instantly-gratifying false pleasures. Craig Groeschel has a great quote to start us off:

Choose your pain: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Craig Groeschel

You see, both regret and discipline are painful, aren’t they? The pain of discipline shows up when you say NO to the ice cream. The pain of regret shows up AFTER when you feel bad physically and mentally.

In our lives we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of options for false pleasure.

With our food, we can have any sort of sugary, carby, cheesy goodness. It seems great, it’s instantly gratifying because our brains tell us this is good. But then what happens? That pleasure vanishes and is replaced by bloat, stomach aches, not sleeping well, health problems and, probably, regret.

With our spending habits we can instantly feel good by buying something. We have this term “emotional spender.” But, what happens a bit after we’ve spent that money? We lose that quick high for debt, for clutter, for having to stress about money or check our balances at the register.

But, when we choose being WELL, when we choose making GOOD choices, we have to tell our toddler selves no in the moment. But, what do we get instead? We get really long lasting benefits.

When we make the choices to eat well and exercise we get benefits like feeling good, being proud, being able to wear all of our clothes, getting good reports at the doctors, better sleep, better sex and more!

When we make the choices to budget and tell out money where to go, we get benefits like getting debt free, getting to keep more of our money, going on vacation, being surrounded with things you love and even being about to be generous!

The false pleasures are liars. They make you think you’re happy, but it’s a temporary and false happy compared to the joy of being the person you want to be.

So, next time the opportunity presents itself, as yourself which you want: instant gratification or long-lasting well-being!

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