Are you too tired to workout? How to workout when you’re tired.

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Today we coached someone who is desperately trying to install a morning ritual that includes exercise. She has had some success and some failure. One thing that is blocking her is the thought that she is tired. When the alarm goes off, she’s tired!

Ever-so-gently we said: So what?

What does tired have to do with it? Hang with me for a moment.

When was the last morning you weren’t tired? For her, it was when we was four years old (joke, not a joke? It could go either way). For you, it’s probably not recent.

So, the logic is so what? You’ll either get up, get your morning ritual in and feel proud, but tired OR you’ll hit snooze and feel regret and tired.

You’re going to be tired anyway, you might as well get up. You’re going to be tired anyway, you might as well make progress on your goals.

The secret here is that if you give your body long enough, it will start to adjust. If you’re working out, you’ll probably eventually start sleeping better. And, if you’re leading a more rich & fulfilling life, you’ll eventually be able to sleep better anyway!

The bottom line is your brain will tell you all kinds of excuses. It’s kind of like a toddler that way, throwing a temper tantrum. That’s okay, let it have its moment and you do what you need to do regardless.

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