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Grab your Ideal Balance Swag!

Ponytail Hat $20

Hair up or hair down these cute and stylish hats will make you look fabulous. Plus you get to let everyone know you love Ideal Balance, which we really appreciate. 😘

Energetic & Strong Shirt $20

You are energetic & strong, so why shouldn’t your shirt remind you of that?

Coffee Mug $10

Drink your affirmations! And don’t forget @ Ideal Balance we recommend you drink a coffee cup full of water each morning before your caffeine break!

Signature Series Bundles & Boxes

Fitness To Go $20

All the ingredients to help you get healthy! Makes a great gift.

  • Meal prep container
  • 5 clean-eating recipe cards w/ shopping list
  • 5 day bodyweight workout plan
  • Fitness & mindset journal
  • Habit tracker
  • Scrunchie
  • Lara bar

Budget Bundle $20

Everything you need to get your finances in order! Makes a great gift.

  • Zero-based budget worksheet
  • Debt snowball plan
  • Debt pay off coloring chart
  • Savings coloring chart
  • Scissors
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Cash envelopes
  • Change rolls
  • Budget meeting snacks

Date Night in A Box $20

Spice up your love life with a different kind of date night!

  • Dream date worksheet
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Date night conversation cards
  • Massage oil
  • Breath mints
  • Date night bingo game
  • Date night intimacy game

Grab items to help you reach your goals!

Leather Envelope System $30

Beautiful leather envelope organization systems make budgeting fun and functional! The system includes 10 envelopes that have waterproof snaps and a budgeting log.

Single Envelopes $1.50

Envelopes with waterproof snaps and a budget log that will allow you to implement using cash into your budgeting journey.

Vision Board $30

These handmade, stunning minimalist / farmhouse-style vision boards will help you set and achieve your goals in style!

Health, Fitness & Nutrition needs? We’ve got your back!

30 Day Food & Workout Plan $75

Tired of trying to figure it out on your own? We’ve got your 30 plan that includes what to eat, how to move your body and some fun & fancy recipe cards that you can use to help you meal prep! This is a digital download.

Recipe Cards $5

Our recipe card bundle offers you 5 clean eating, healthy & portioned recipes that not only give you the recipes but that include a shopping list and how to meal prep to make your life easier!

Meal Plans $5

Our meal plans are portioned to your caloric need. The plans include clean and healthy choices that will make success inevitable!

Shakeology $130

This is the best thing you can put into your body in our opinion. It’s like magical, nutrition medicine that also helps you reach your goals. Read more here or click below to buy!

21 Day Fix $180

This is the absolute best program to help you learn about food, reset your health and get going swiftly in the direction of your goals! We stand behind this program 1000000% and will walk you through what you need. If you do this program, you will see results. Read more here.

ZYIA Active Gear

Listen, when you look good for your workouts, we’re pretty sure it burns more calories. We love ZYIA gear because it’s super cute and super functional. It’s also great quality with four way stretch that constantly adapts to every twist, lunge and bend.

Energize $50

Working out is hard if you’re doing it right! Energize helps us feel more energy, more endurance and more focus during our workouts without any jittery, weird feelings. We also love the fact that it’s totally natural. Check out the ingredients here, but just know it’s NUTRIENTS (like magnesium & potassium) and other natural ingredients (like beta alanine, an amino acid and quercetin that studies show helps us perform athletically!

Recover $70

Sore muscles are evidence of a great workout, but we don’t want you feeling like you’re dying. Recover floods your body with what it needs to repair and restore your muscles and your energy after your workouts. As with all things we’ll ever recommend, no synthetic colors and no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Beach Bars $40

Who does love a healthy, easy snack? The problem comes along with whether you can trust the ingredients! These bars are yummy & trustworthy. They’re perfect for on the go, last resort to hangry and even for kiddos! There are three flavors and each box comes with 15.

Take an Online Course right now!

Less is More $20

Less is so much more. Less stuff is more time, less stuff is more peace, less stuff is more energy. In this two hour workshop, we will walk you through the problem, the solution and the specific tactics you need to walk through in order to get your home completely in order. We will walk. you through room by room with specific tips and strategies while also guiding you through an overall mindset change and vision for your home & your life.

Fuel the Fortress $20

Eating healthy should be easy. So why does it seem so hard? We have been bombarded with so much information about what is and isn’t healthy. It’s time to go back to the basics. Join us for Fuel the Fortress: Healthy Meal Planning & Prepping Workshop. Let’s get down to the business of eating healthy but not boring food, of eating well but not making it complicated. Of enhancing your life, not making it more stressful.

Kickstart Your Ideal Life $20

You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you’re going. You need to know where you want to go. What are the desires of your heart? Putting them into a vision board has such profound effects on actually achieving your goals! We know you want to get it right, and we are creating the time & space to get clarity, to create a plan and to get motivated in this workshop. As a bonus, we’re going to help you learn how to make getting there inevitable.

Spring Clean Your Life $20

Spring Cleaning your home is great, but let’s take the time to spring clean your life too! We’re going to declutter and refresh everything: your calendar, your budget and your home!
You get a 120 minute workshop that walks through the mindset shift, the problem, the solution, secret strategies and the process to spring clean your life that includes 10 Exercises + Journaling questions to help you go declutter, realign and refresh your schedule, your budget and your home.

We’ve got books & journals too!

Fitness Journal $5

We created this journal to help our clients get the most out of our coaching and to help them go further faster with their health & fitness goals. We teach about goals, thoughts, habits, routines, shopping strategies, not eating food your hate and so much more as a way to really change your life and get healthy.

Less is More $8

We know YOU want a home you can feel peaceful in, a home that reflects your unique personality and family! In this workbook, we are going to walk you through a six step process to intentionally and thoughtfully minimize, then organize so that you can finally be present and enjoy your space!

Put Your Big Girl Panties On $15

Does it seem like adulting as a woman should’ve come with a training manual? Well, now you’ve got one. In this down-to-earth and funny how-to guide, coach Shana will let you know you’re not alone, help you feel understood and give you some practical tips.