Signature Budget Template

The All-In-One Budget System With Everything You Need To Master Your Finances

You make good money but have nothing to show for it. You can feel money slipping through your fingers.

Without a clear and easy-to-follow budgeting system, that’s not going to change.

🚫 You’re anxious about unexpected expenses.

🚫 You don’t know where to start because everywhere you look are rigid “scorched earth” methods or complicated budgeting tools that make you feel paralyzed.

🚫 You’re living paycheck to paycheck and it’s stressing you out.

This shouldn’t be your reality. You don’t have to spend your precious time and brain calories fretting over finances or feeling stuck in a cycle of money mismanagement. Our Signature Budget Template is designed for women like you who want a DIY method to manage finances effectively. It’s a straightforward, comprehensive budgeting system that you can tailor to your specific money goals and lifestyle. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for to take control of your money once and for all.

With Our Signature Budget Template you’ll…

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Install a Proven Plan to Simplify & Organize Your Finances

Get immediate access to our beautiful spreadsheets that do all the math for you while being aesthetically pleasing. You’ll also get access to the exclusive video walk-throughs where Shana & Vanessa teach you how to set up your entire budget system step-by-step.

Start Seeing Progress Right Away

Each feature in the Signature Budget Template is crafted to improve your financial health from the get-go. Implement our strategies, and you’ll soon have a fully customized & automated budget, giving you and your family more time and money to thrive, not just survive.

Future-Proof Your Finances:

Prepare for tomorrow with tools that grow with you. From our debt-tracker that automatically populates a s debt-snowball to our retirement and debt-free budget templates, you’ll pave the way for your financial freedom and future possibilities.

What you get with the Signature Budget Template

12 Monthly Budgets

Experience the flexibility of a budget that adapts to your life with our Rolling Budget System. You’ll master the art of planning where your money goes each month. Plus, the budgets do all the math for you and they auto-populate to the next month, ready for you to edit. your financial plan monthly to stay aligned with your goals and life’s surprises.

Debt Tracker & Snowball

Chart your debt-free journey with clarity. You’ll fill in your debts and you’ll get an automatic debt snowball that shows you exactly what to pay off and when to pay it off. It also gives you a clear picture of how much you’re spending on debt and when you’ll be out of debt.

Stress Free Bills

Say farewell to bill-paying anxiety. You’ll use your budget to set up our Stress-Free Bills System that separates then automates your bills, turning a once tedious task into a smooth, worry-free process.

Savings Buckets

Savings Buckets help you strategically allocate funds for big expenses, ensuring you’re financially ready for anything life throws your way. Inside the Signature set up automated savings for things like Christmas, Travel, Annual Bills, Vehicle Maintenance, Pets and more.

Streamlined Spending Control

Say goodbye to overspending. With dedicated accounts for each discretionary spending item, you’ll know at a glance how much you can spend on things like groceries, gas, restaurants, personal pocket money without affecting your other financial commitments.

Build Wealth How-To

The net worth tracker shows you the big picture of your financial health and helps you build real wealth (net worth > credit score). Your automatically-populated debt-free budget will show you what life will look like once you’re out of debt. You can play around with it and see what will be possible! With the retirement budget tool, you’ll craft a vision for your happily-ever-after, and the retirement calculator ensures shows you exactly how to turn that vision into reality. Simple, effective, future-focused.

How It Works

01 Purchase The Template

Stop putting your head in the sand when it comes to your finances. Take control today and buy our comprehensive budget system that will be tailored to your family’s needs and lifestyle.

02 Set It Up

Personalize your budget using our signature tools and walk-throughs to organize & automate every part of your budget.

03 Be A Math Genius 🤓

Sit back and watch your money go to work automatically. You’re going to feel, maybe for the first time, like the super-smart, financially-savvy woman you always knew you could be.

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  • 20 Page Workbook
  • 1 Hour Workshop & Workbook Walkthrough
  • Bonus Trainings
  • Lifetime Access + Updates
It’s time for some

Tough Love

The truth is you have nothing to show for the money you make because you’re not on a plan.
So you’re overspending.
And you’re not prioritizing saving.
That’s why your finances are a mess.
So let’s turn things around!
You want financial peace, so it’s time to take charge of your money.
And that means you need to make some changes.
This is exactly what you need to do just that.



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