It’s time to conquer your calendar.

Stop being busy and start being intentional.

Are you always in motion, but you don’t feel like you’re actually accomplishing much? You’re running around, you feel pulled in a million directions. But it might not feel like you’re getting anything done or getting closer to accomplishing your goals. We’re not just talking about promotions or kids’ sporting events. We’re talking about the priorities YOU have in life that aren’t getting the time or attention you truly want: your health, quality family time, fun/play time, household chores/duties.

We’re going to walk you through a six step process so that you can feel in control, present, peaceful and productive! Join us for Calendar Conquering Workshop August 8 @ 8am in Navarre, Fl.



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Calendar Conquering

Define Success

Show me your calendar and I’ll show you your priorities. Many times we are victims of our calendars rather than creators. Sure, you might have a few things on there that reflect your priorities. But, when you think about the ideal version of you, what sort of things make you feel successful? Self care? Quality family time? Date nights? A clean, clutter free home? Traveling? Having fun? At Calendar Conquering, we will first need to define what your version of success looks like.

Create a Plan

Once we know the WHAT it’s time to get to the HOW. We have two very powerful tools we’ll introduce so that you can create a schedule that honors your priorities AND is actually possible to accomplish. This isn’t about adding more to your list! It’s about creating habits, systems and automations that allow you to fulfill each role and responsibility you have PLUS the dreams you desire.

Be where you are

In the last hour of the workshop, we’ll talk about the best practices with conquering your calendar including how no is a complete sentence, how multitasking is a myth and how presence brings peace. In fact, the system you design will allow you to be FULLY present where & when you are so that you no longer feel pulled in a million directions. It’s time for peace!

Stop being busy. Start being productive.

It’s easy to be busy but not actually get anything accomplished. You may have goals but you’re seeing slow or no progress!

We’ll teach about balancing your schedule with your actual priorities. Then we’ll you provide you with the tools to create and execute your ideal schedule.

You’ve got so much on your plate, it’s time to get it in order, once and for all. We’ll even provide coffee + breakfast, you just show up!


Your investment is just $30.You’ll leave knowing a lot more about what your real priorities are and how to block those into your schedule so that you can start living your life by design, not by default.

Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment, fully alive and fully aware.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Join us. August 8th 8 – 11 am. You won’t regret it.