Mindset Planning

Reset YOU this week

It’s January. Last week was kind of a practice week. This week, however, is the week to really get on it.

This week, this month, and even this year, we think it’s time for you to reset.

Last year we dodged so many curveballs all year long that the people we were being daily may not have been who we really were at all.

Last year, you may have been forced to do some things or change everything about your daily routines, your desires, your goals and even more.

The good news, though, is that you also developed some realy strength and character last year. We know that to be 100% true about you. So, let’s use that new found strength.

This January, remind yourself about who you are. Remind yourself about what you want. Remind yourself about your actual goals and dreams. 

Last year it may have seemed so much was out of your control that who you really are fell to the background.

This year, however, you’re armed and ready knowing that come what may, you’re going to make it. So, instead of letting circumstances happen to you, let’s turn the tables.

Who are you regardless of the circumstances? Are you kind? Driven? Funny? Devoted mother? Compassionate? Hard working? Lover or buffalo plaid? Yes, there are some things that don’t change regardless of the circumstances and this is your chance to own that. Take some time to journal about who you are. Then, take some time to figure out how you can put that into practice again this year. Do a reset.

What do you want regardless of the circumstances? Perhaps you want to get out of debt. Perhaps you want to be healthy. Perhaps you want to always have quality time with your friends. Let’s reset these goals. Put them front and center again with the understanding that come what may, you can chase after and accomplish them.

Next week we’ll talk about resetting your health. The week after that, let’s talk resetting your finances.

If you’d like to work with Ideal Balance to get healthy, get organized or get out of debt, simply fill this form out and we’ll be in touch!

Mindset Planning

How to have a better week

If you’re anything like me, last week wasn’t your best week. I know for me many things went wrong. While it is tempting to just wallow in that for a bit, I decided to take action and do the things I know I need to do to have a good week. So, how do you do that? Here are 5 steps to have a better week.

1. Figure out what went right.

What went right last week? What can you celebrate? What can you duplicate? This will get your brain in the right frame of mind to be positive. It will also give you some much needed clarification.

2. Figure out what went wrong.

Last week might not have been great, but WHY? Letting the nagging feeling rule the day is no productive. Pin down what went wrong, what made you feel less than happy or productive or satisfied.

3. Stop focusing on others.

Much of our frustration comes from trying to control others. You may not think so, but it really turns out to be true. We focus on how others are behaving, reacting, doing or not doing. That brings a lot of frustration and makes us feel powerless because we clearly CANNOT control anything about what others do.

4. Balance the input.

Many times a bad week can mean we had a bad average of bad that went into our brains versus good. Maybe we watched more bad news than normal or listened to more bad attitudes. That can’t always be controlled but what you CAN do is purposefully try to balance the bad with good. Purposefully input GOOD things into your brain whether it’s music, podcasts, books, thoughts or more.

5. Focus on you.

What can you control? What CAN you focus on? In a world where things seem out of control so often, there is much you can focus on in your small sphere of control that will make you feel better, I promise. Download the worksheet to consider your top 10. I’ll give you mine to get your brain juices flowing.

  1. Pray
  2. Read the bible
  3. Journal
  4. Listen to good music during breakfast/drive
  5. Read book / listen to podcast
  6. Exercise
  7. Eat well
  8. Clean or organize something
  9. Skin time
  10. Hug kiddos