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Meal Planning on Sunday

Sunday is the time to prepare for a busy week. One of the biggest favors you can do yourself is to plan what food you & your family are going to eat ahead of time so you don’t have to use those scarce and valuable brain calories during the week.

But what does that look like? Well, it surely doesn’t have to be complicated. Grab a pen, a piece of paper or use our free printable and let’s go!

1. Plan

First, let’s plan your week of dinners. Go ahead and look at your schedule. Note the days you might not be home, the days you’ll have more or less time to prepare food and so forth. Plug in those easy meals or meals that you’re eating elsewhere first. Next, figure out all your dinners. Plan to cook extra in order to meal prep lunches.

Next up, figure out your lunches. Lunches can often come straight from dinner or meal prep that happens alongside Sunday dinner.

Finally, you’ll figure out your breakfast and snacks.


  1. If you’re trying to lose weight, plan your carbs and heavier meals earlier in the day. If at all possible, let’s only put protein & veggies down the gullet for dinner.
  2. Be realistic when planning. Don’t overdo it. Don’t try to be a hero. Stick to what you & your family are used to and what’s easy and stretch yourself just a little. That might mean taming a few recipes to be a little more healthy or it might mean trying one new recipe a week.

2. Purchase

When you’ve got all your meals and snacks planned, figure out what ingredients you need to shop for to make that happen. You can do this as you go or you can do it once you’ve brain dumped all the ideas.


  1. As you get better at this, you should be able to have a staple shopping list that you always purchase (weekly or monthly) that makes the quick trips easier and more efficient.
  2. Try pick up or delivery as an option when shopping. It saves you time and usually money by avoiding extra spending. You’re also forced to plan if you do pick up!

3. Prep

Okay, now that you’ve got a plan and you’ve got your shopping list, you’ll figure out what you can prep ahead of time to make your food life easier during the week.

This part can seem overwhelming so let’s chunk it down. You can choose to meal prep just one or two types of things for the week. You might also choose to only meal prep lunch and cook dinner. You’ll find your family’s sweet spot to meal prepping. Just know it does not have to mean you meal prep 100% of your meals and spend eight hours in the kitchen on Sunday!


  1. Consider stacking your meal prep time with your grocery time. You’re already spending time putting stuff away, so it saves time now to prepare it in such a way that it’s ready for the week. That may mean rinsing and chopping fruits and veggies, it might mean boiling or grilling proteins and it might mean cooking rice or quinoa.
  2. Consider buffet style meal prep if prepping meals stresses you out. Yes, your fridge can offer you a buffet of healthy ingredients, ready to mixed and mingled into healthy meals. Ideas for buffet style:
    1. Salad bar.
      • Chop: lettuce, spinach, kale, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, cabbage, peppers
      • Cook: hard boiled eggs, protein
      • Purchase: olives, artichokes, avocados, dressing, nuts, seeds
    2. Proteins.
      • Chicken
      • Turkey meatballs or ground turkey
      • Eggs
      • Etc
    3. Carbs.
      • Sweet potatoes
      • Quinoa
      • Brown Rice
      • Rolled / Steel cut oats

Remember, planning in this way is a form of self-care. Yes, you’re taking care of yourself by deciding ahead of time and relieving yourself of needing to do so during the busy week. The special human ability to plan is a gift, so let’s use it.


Hey, if you need help with this, you’re in luck. We have an EASY PEASY lunch meal planning worksheet just for you. It’s not fancy, it’s not complicated. It’s REALLY simple and easy and fast and amazing. Download it now!

PS: If any of this resonated with you, we’d love to work with you 1-on-1. We teach our clients how to build a body they love and change habits slowly to match their goals. In a world with fake quick fixes, we help them adapt a lifestyle that they’ll want to keep. If that resonates with you, please get in touch with the form below!

Ideal Balance is The Life Coaching Facility in Navarre, Florida that focuses on Fitness, Family & Finance. We help our clients create the discipline & habits they need to strip off what’s holding them back from living the life God created them to live. We work with clients in 1-on-1 sessions in person and virtually as well as in Small Groups in Personal Training sessions, workshops and other events. We’re on a mission to inject hope and empower our community one client at a time. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Health Mindset Planning

Morning Ritual

The truth is if you’re not doing a morning ritual, you are robbing every person and cause you say you care about of the best version of you.

Today we want to offer that the one thing that might be missing from your life might be the one thing that could make the biggest difference and be the biggest game changer in your life.

What’s that thing?

Bet you guessed it —> a morning ritual. Well done!

You’ve heard that you need to take self-care time. You know you’re supposed to have quiet time. Oh yeah, don’t forget you’re supposed to exercise. Don’t forget to pray! You should also be reading something great everyday.

The list of all the things you’re supposed to be doing to be an amazing person can seem daunting. Where in the world are you going to find the time?

Well, you’re certainly not going to find it in the middle of the hectic day. You’re probably not going to find it at night when you’re exhausted either.

No, the morning is your best bet. Not only do you more likely have more control over your mornings, you also can make the decision to set the tone for the day by creating a morning ritual.

Why should you have a morning ritual?

There are many things that we know we need to do in order to feel better, to feel less stressed and less anxious. The problem is we don’t do them. That’s where your morning ritual comes in.

Your morning ritual acts as a container to get in most of the things you consider important for you to be the best version of yourself. It acts as a container for you to get in your self-care.

Refusing to take time for yourself in the morning isn’t selfless, it’s selfish.

It also allows you to show up for yourself first so you can show up for others later. You may think you’re being selfless by not taking time for yourself. The truth is if you’re not doing a morning ritual, you are robbing every person and cause you say you care about of the best version of you. Instead, they’re getting maybe the 50% or 60% version of you. So, if it’s hard for you to do things for you, do it for them. (And hire a life coach to work on the first part of that sentence.)

Another objection you might have with a morning ritual is that you’re not a morning person. That’s fine. On one hand, we’ll say put your big girl panties on and get over it. =D On the other hand we will say to start small. Just get up five minutes earlier and do one activity that is going to make you feel better and start your day with intention. Once your brain learns to look forward to this (dopamine hits, anyone?) then you can move to 15 minutes, then maybe a bit more and more if you need it. You can become a morning person by training your brain that it’s fun and worth it to get up earlier. You will begin to enjoy your morning routine AND you will begin to see the effects of doing it in all areas of your life. That will train your brain.

How do you set up a morning ritual?

Okay that was the why. Now let’s talk about the how. You need to figure out what activities are going to make you feel energized and ready for the day. What self-care activities do you know you need to be doing but you’re not? What activities have you wanted to try but just haven’t yet? List these out.

Then you’ll list out the time each activity takes. Next, total the time up. Then work backward from what time you need to leave or be ready to take care of others in the morning. So, if your morning ritual takes 45 minutes and your kids get up at 6am, you’re getting up at 5:15am.

The final step is giving yourself a chance to make this a reality by committing to doing it for at least 30 days. If you hate it by the end, quit. But give yourself the gift of trying it for 30 days.

We have a worksheet that will help you create your morning ritual. You’ll love it because it walks you through all those steps!

PS: If any of this resonated with you, we’d love to work with you 1-on-1. We teach our clients how to build a life they love and change habits slowly to match their goals. In a world with fake quick fixes, we help them adapt a lifestyle that they’ll want to keep. If that resonates with you, please get in touch with the form below!

Mindset Planning

Reset YOU this week

It’s January. Last week was kind of a practice week. This week, however, is the week to really get on it.

This week, this month, and even this year, we think it’s time for you to reset.

Last year we dodged so many curveballs all year long that the people we were being daily may not have been who we really were at all.

Last year, you may have been forced to do some things or change everything about your daily routines, your desires, your goals and even more.

The good news, though, is that you also developed some realy strength and character last year. We know that to be 100% true about you. So, let’s use that new found strength.

This January, remind yourself about who you are. Remind yourself about what you want. Remind yourself about your actual goals and dreams. 

Last year it may have seemed so much was out of your control that who you really are fell to the background.

This year, however, you’re armed and ready knowing that come what may, you’re going to make it. So, instead of letting circumstances happen to you, let’s turn the tables.

Who are you regardless of the circumstances? Are you kind? Driven? Funny? Devoted mother? Compassionate? Hard working? Lover or buffalo plaid? Yes, there are some things that don’t change regardless of the circumstances and this is your chance to own that. Take some time to journal about who you are. Then, take some time to figure out how you can put that into practice again this year. Do a reset.

What do you want regardless of the circumstances? Perhaps you want to get out of debt. Perhaps you want to be healthy. Perhaps you want to always have quality time with your friends. Let’s reset these goals. Put them front and center again with the understanding that come what may, you can chase after and accomplish them.

Next week we’ll talk about resetting your health. The week after that, let’s talk resetting your finances.

If you’d like to work with Ideal Balance to get healthy, get organized or get out of debt, simply fill this form out and we’ll be in touch!

Mindset Planning

How to have a better week

If you’re anything like me, last week wasn’t your best week. I know for me many things went wrong. While it is tempting to just wallow in that for a bit, I decided to take action and do the things I know I need to do to have a good week. So, how do you do that? Here are 5 steps to have a better week.

1. Figure out what went right.

What went right last week? What can you celebrate? What can you duplicate? This will get your brain in the right frame of mind to be positive. It will also give you some much needed clarification.

2. Figure out what went wrong.

Last week might not have been great, but WHY? Letting the nagging feeling rule the day is no productive. Pin down what went wrong, what made you feel less than happy or productive or satisfied.

3. Stop focusing on others.

Much of our frustration comes from trying to control others. You may not think so, but it really turns out to be true. We focus on how others are behaving, reacting, doing or not doing. That brings a lot of frustration and makes us feel powerless because we clearly CANNOT control anything about what others do.

4. Balance the input.

Many times a bad week can mean we had a bad average of bad that went into our brains versus good. Maybe we watched more bad news than normal or listened to more bad attitudes. That can’t always be controlled but what you CAN do is purposefully try to balance the bad with good. Purposefully input GOOD things into your brain whether it’s music, podcasts, books, thoughts or more.

5. Focus on you.

What can you control? What CAN you focus on? In a world where things seem out of control so often, there is much you can focus on in your small sphere of control that will make you feel better, I promise. Download the worksheet to consider your top 10. I’ll give you mine to get your brain juices flowing.

  1. Pray
  2. Read the bible
  3. Journal
  4. Listen to good music during breakfast/drive
  5. Read book / listen to podcast
  6. Exercise
  7. Eat well
  8. Clean or organize something
  9. Skin time
  10. Hug kiddos