Christmas Budget Planner

Do you know some of us act like we are surprised that Christmas comes on December 25th every single year? No it’s true! All of the sudden we panic both budget & time wise to get everything in by the deadline! You know, the deadline that comes on the same day every year?

This year we want to help you out. The amount you spend on Christmas can really get out of hand, especially when you consider party, decorations, teacher gifts and all the things we don’t always think about at first! We’re sharing this free Christmas Budget Planner to make this less panic-y!

So, let’s make a plan. Let’s be intentional. Let’s plan everything out and stay on track. When you have the funds to fund your plan, you’re able to give and celebrate in a generous spirit (rather than a stressed, Scroogey spirit). That’s the most fun way to celebrate!

Using this tracker will help you this year. But where the magic REALLY starts to work is when you sit down and plot everything out for next year. You go through everything you want to see & do & buy & have for the Christmas season, being sure to keep true to what’s most important about the season to you. After you determine that, add up all the categories of spending and come to your total sum. You’ll then take that number and divide it by 12. That dollar amount is now the amount you can set aside in a sinking fund each month in order to be ready to go by next Christmas! A sinking fund is a fancy accounting word that really just means a savings account with a purpose. So, unlike your long-term emergency fund which is also a savings account, the sinking fund is something you know almost exactly how much and when you’ll need to spend it.

So, take the planner to use for this season. Then print another copy and get serious about being ready to be generous and full of joy next season when you aren’t stressed about the Christmas plan or the funding of the Christmas plan!

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