Financial Coaching Case Study: How They Paid Off $80K In Debt Making $7K / Month

This client case study is a big ol’ Debt Payoff Success Story!!! Sometimes paying off debt is not necessarily the goal, but in their case it was SUCH a big part of their story. You can listen to them tell it here:

62 | From No Money For Groceries To Paying Off $80k In Debt! Client Success Story W/ Amanda & Joe Financial Coaching for Women: How To Budget, Manage Money, Pay Off Debt, Save Money, Paycheck Plans

Key Stats On Where They Started:

  • Location: Just moved to Northern Virginia, high COLA.
  • Income: $6,900 per month, a two-income family.
  • No children.
  • Held 26 debts, including student loans, credit cards vehicle loans, personal loans and more.
  • Savings: $0.
  • Debt minimum payments: $3,245.
  • Total debt: $286,062.
  • Neither had a strong foundation in financial responsibility, with one growing up with money and the other without.
  • Recently, husband had transitioned out of the military, where they had limited exposure to managing finances. Wife worked as a teller at a bank and believed in using credit cards for purchases, with the intention of paying them off.
A couple budgeting together is more likely to have a debt payoff success story together!

Strategies and Systems They Used:

  • 16 months of financial coaching.
  • Used cash for spending (even though they didn’t want to).
  • Trimmed expenses by cancelling Costco, an unused phone line, clearing out a storage unit, refinancing vehicle loan and re-quoting insurance.
  • Planned & used bonuses to pay off debt. (Hint hint, part of the debt payoff success story!!!)
  • Saved Emergency Fund & hid from view.
  • Used our structured paycheck plan™, guiding their financial decisions with each pay day.
  • Established an annual bills account to handle quarterly and annual expenses.
  • Actively pursued higher-paying job opportunities.
  • Celebrated their financial successes along the way.
Adding money to a piggy bank might be part of your debt payoff success story!

Where they were when they graduated coaching:

  • Bye bye debt: Successfully paid off $80,977 in debt, reducing their total debt to $205,085. Lowered their monthly debt minimum payments from $3,245 to $2,140. (Can you say debt payoff success story? )
  • Comma in the saving’s account! Went from $0 to $2,250 in savings.
  • Big life changes! Cash-funded her college degree, making her the first in her family to graduate. Meanwhile, they also bought their first home. Btw, they didn’t even qualify for a home loan at the start of coaching. Finally, they strengthened their marriage, experiencing a level of unity they had never felt before.
  • Moving on’ up! Transitioned into higher-paying jobs, increasing their combined income by $2600 to $9,500 per month.
Cash and piggy banks make budgeting easier and can lead to a debt payoff success story!

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