Rising tides raise all ships.

We provide specific tools & training to give your employees peace of mind with their finances. That leads to improved morale, a better work environment and even better retention for you as the employer.

What is Rising Tides?

Rising Tides is an in-person financial wellness program created for employers to help their employees stop stressing about money and start creating an exciting financial future. We teach your team to get on a budget, save money, get out of debt, automate their finances, figure out their real retirement number and steward their money so that they feel content & confident.

78% of employees are living paycheck to paycheck

How does it work?

We combine training and practical application. Our signature program accounts for a few key things that are necessary to truly help your employees. First, we teach them what they don’t know. Unfortunately, personal finance and financial literacy are simply not taught any more. People cannot master money management if they’ve never been taught how.

For some, that training may be enough. We know from personal experience that a personal coaching session where we help individuals create their own budget and plan based on their specific numbers and circumstances really helps. So, our program combines both. Each workshop is 60 minutes and we follow up with two coaching sessions immediately afterward. After four workshops, eight of your employees will have had the chance to have an individualized coaching session.

57% of households don’t actually have a budget.

What will employees learn?

Our program has four basic and important workshops:

Budgeting Basics: The most important financial behavior you’ll ever learn is the zero-based budget. Whatever your financial goals are, you need a budget to reach them. We’ll teach you what it is & help you create one.

Debt Elimination: What kind of debt is good? What kind is bad? How do you get debt free? How do you live debt free? We’ll talk to you about why a debt free life is the best life and we’ll teach you how to get there.

Saving for Now & Later: You know need to save for emergencies and you need to save for retirement. We’ll talk about exactly how and how much you need to save while taking all of the mystery out of the process. We’ll also talk about saving for the big things in life that come up every year: Christmas, vacation, insurance premiums, home repairs and more.

Automatic Finances: This is the advanced way to budget. We will teach you how to automate your bills, your spending and your saving so that you are supervising your finances, not micromanaging, so that you can experience peace and save time.

64% of Americans couldn’t cover a $1,000 emergency without going further into debt.

What does it cost?

We provide four live workshops with 8 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions for employees for $800. We also offer a la carte 1-on-1 coaching sessions at a rate of 2 45 minute sessions for $165.

As the employer, you can choose to use your wellness and development dollars on something that will truly make a difference in your employee’s lives. You get to be the hero. You’re already providing paychecks, now you’ll have peace of mind that money is going further.

72% of Americans say they are burdened by debt.

59% of workers worry about their future financial state.

What is the time commitment?

We will require just two hours of your employee’s time every month for four months.

55% of employees say they want help managing their finances.

How does this help my business?

There are many benefits your business will see, including:

  • Up to $347 in increased productivity per employee
  • Increased retention
  • Fewer requests for loans / pay advances
  • Health team = healthy company culture

60% of Millennials spend >3 work hrs /wk dealing with personal financial issues.

Want to learn more about how Rising Tides can help you & your employees? Fill out the form at this link and we will be in touch.