Fall Rut Reset: 3 steps exercise to feel better, rekindle your motivation

This season can bring a lot of joy. But, curiously, it can make people sad too. Statistically, people tend to get more depressed or anxious during this time of year. Or maybe you’re so busy you’re feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you’re not as far as you thought you’d be by November. Don’t worry, we have a plan for you to feel better today!

Step 1: Weed the garden

Get out a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns, label them A, B, and C. In Column A, write out everything you can think of that is bothering you. This can be big or small, things that are making you cry or just things that are nagging. In Column B, write out what you can’t control about these things. Finally, in Column C, write out what you can control. Write out what you can do to improve the situation, make progress or feel better. This might be as small as a text or something much bigger. Nothing is off limits! From this list you will create a to-do list if need be. However, let’s use the list also as motivation for the next step.

Step 2: Set your goals & write them down.

SO many times we get bogged down with feelings because we’re thinking in too big of terms. Instead of thinking how you’re going to heal your entire marriage, get out of debt or even lose 50 pounds, let’s whittle it down. Think about what you can accomplish, what small steps you can take in the month of November alone. Take the big, hairy & scary goals out of it and simply focus on setting goals for the next 30 days that are manageable end moving you in the direction you want to go. What would you be proud to say you accomplished / did by December 1st.

Now that you’ve agreed to chunk it down, get out another sheet paper you’re going to write out the categories in life that you want to work on. You see, we don’t want to or need to work on everything at once. So, what’s important to you? What do you need to focus on? Choose from things like: Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance, Purpose, Marriage, Family, Health, etc. For our purposes, we used Body, Marriage, Home, Kids & Business.

Now, set your goals for the categories you wrote down. Don’t overthink this. It may be something as simple as “Kiss my kids every night before bed,” or it may be as complicated as, “Hire a lawyer to create a trust.” Whatever comes to mind, that’s correct and perfect. Think about how you want to feel in the November. Think about what’s important. Think about what is going to get you closer to the person you want to be.

Step 3: Confess it!

Now it’s time to take what you wrote on the first sheet in Column B, pray and give it up to God. Out loud. Turn it over.

Next, get a friend, a spouse, a sibling or even a kid and tell them all about your goals. If they want, have them go through the same process. IF they don’t want to, no worries. It’s just important that you say these things out loud to another human. And, while you’re at it, schedule time on December 1st for you to update them. Ask them to hold you accountable.

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