Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for your interest in Ideal Balance! We can’t wait for you to join us!! Here’s a little bit more about who we are. You can also check out our YouTube Channel with our 5 minute fitness coaching videos. We are all about helping you get strong, change habits and build a body you’re proud of. Here’s some things to know about us:

We believe in you.

We know how strong and capable you are. We will strive to bring out the best in your body. We will encourage you, give you grace where you need it AND tough love every time you’re here. We are ALL about you & your goals!

We’re holistic.

We know that exercise is how you transform your body, how you create confidence & strength and even how you improve your health. Nutrition is the best way to lose weight and food is medicine. With all of that in mind, our program incorporates everything to help you slow and steadily make life-long changes you’ll actually want to keep and that will improve your health for the long term. 

We just want you to start where you’re at.

No matter where you’re starting, we just want to help you get going. We aren’t about that harder, faster life around here. We are about slow, steady, consistent, long-lasting strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and balance. We’re after you being strong from the inside out, being strong from your very core. We’re also about helping you incorporate small habitual changes that will last a lifetime. So, with all of that in mind, we just want you to START. Start where you’re at with the idea that it’s only going to get better!

You’re going to have fun.

One of our favorite things to hear is how women start truly looking forward to their workouts. We’re going to make you laugh, we’re going to make you proud of your own achievements and we’re going to have fun!

We have a very narrow focus @ Ideal Balance. We work with women to bring out the best in their body. We work with women to incorporate small, doable changes that will help them be healthier and build a strong relationship with themselves. We meet women where they are and we address their very specific problems, self-limiting behaviors & habits to help them get clarity, focus and motivation to improve! Our clients wind up full of confidence, excitement and better fitting clothes.

We’ll be in touch soon!!