Eating healthy should be easy. So why does it seem so hard?

We have been bombarded with so much information about what is and isn’t healthy. It’s time to go back to the basics. Join us for Fuel the Fortress: Healthy Meal Planning & Prepping Workshop. Let’s get down to the business of eating healthy but not boring food, of eating well but not making it complicated. Of enhancing your life, not making it more stressful.



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Fuel the Fortress


Before we create your plan, let’s talk about some basic ideas like: 1. What healthy foods you ENJOY eating, 2. What sort of plan you need based on your lifestyle, 3. How to eat healthy with a family & 4. How meal planning & prepping saves you cash & calories.


Meal planning comes down to creating a system in your life that makes food a no brainer. A healthy, convenient, stress-reducing no brainer. We’ll come up with your family’s staple shopping list as well as a menu for the week along with a theme menu you can take to use for the month.


In the last hour of the workshop, we’ll talk about the best practices with meal prep AND we’ll make you 4 different lunches and 1 dinner to take home with you. And we’ll have fun doing it too!

Meal prepping is the new fast food.

Everything has been off lately: nutrition, schedules and more. Let’s remedy some of that.

We’ll teach about balancing your nutrition & your meals. Then we’ll you provide you with the supplies to prep your own meals!

You’ve got so much on your plate, let’s cross healthy food choices off that list. Done!


Your investment is just $20. You’ll finish knowing how to plan and prep your way to a healthier you.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Join us. You won’t regret it.