Good things come to those who sweat!

Movement • Encouragement • Accountability

Build a body you’re proud of!

What meets your need? 
1-on-1 sessions? 
Or small group sessions?

1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ your home or our location @ 8418 East Bay Blvd.

Two 30 minute workout session + meal plans, weight, inches & body fat tracking.

$150 monthly



We will lead you through a workout that doesn’t kill you but definitely makes you stronger. We believe in building a foundation of fitness that includes strength, balance and heart health. There’s also fun & laughing because if your brain things you’re having fun, it’ll think working out is fun!


You’ll feel encouraged by your coaches and by the other women sweating it out with you. Our job is to help you see your own physical and mental strength and how best to increase it. We believe in you and we’re going to tell you again and again. We operate under the idea that progress is more important than perfection!


Our program also helps you track physical and mental goals and progress. Your goals are unique and so is the way we’re going to help you reach them. We track where you start and we will check in often to see your progress. We’ll help you make muscles, not excuses!

Fitness is about enhancing your life. It’s about loving your body, not punishing it. It’s about finding your own strength. It’s about building your own belief in yourself.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 630am & 9am @ 8418 East Bay Blvd.

45 minute workout + 30 minute coaching session

$100 monthly

Let’s get physical!