Home Organization Truth Bombs

We love helping folks reclaim their space. We offer home organization in Navarre, Florida and surrounding areas. However, these tips are universal. 😉

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be the relaxing place you retreat to at the end of the day. Your bedroom is also the place for romance. Unfortunately, many bedrooms fit neither of these criteria. One reason is the bedroom is often a catchall of stuff that doesn’t have a home. We aim to solve that. Allow your bedroom to just be a place to relax!

Even though they may not say it or seem to notice it, your family WILL be happier if you get your home organized. Kids LOVE to be organized. We’ve seen it over and over. Yes, they may not be the best at maintaining it, but that’s the “fun” part of parenting: teaching! You can also use what you have to organize, you don’t have to buy a whole lot of new stuff!

Sometimes when you’re simplifying, you come across something that cost a lot of money when you purchased it. Other times you find things you got at a really good price. Neither are reasons to keep things you don’t love or truly need, but both are reasons we often hold onto things without knowing it. If it was expensive but you don’t actually like or use it, it’s now costing you more money, more time and more energy because you’re storing it. If it was a good deal, it’s not now because it’s costing you money, time and energy to store it.

We are typically hired by the moms. They bring us in because they are trying, desperately, to keep it all together. They’re trying to manage crazy schedules, lots of laundry, feeding folks healthy food and so much that making the home tidy is just not on the schedule. That’s just fine, this is why we love to swoop in and help. We want mom’s life to be easier, more efficient, require less work and we want her home to bring her peace and joy. Entryways need to have only as much stuff as fits so they can remain functional. You also have to work hard in the beginning to establish the habit of putting each and every type of thing where it goes. You train what you tolerate!

Just because you have the space does not mean you must fill the space. Give yourself white space in the home. Allow yourself and your family room to grow! How does your family consume food? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks? Organize according to the flow of your family.

Whether you love cooking or not, it’s got to happen. When your pantry & kitchen are functional & organized it’s a lot easier! Your first step is to get rid of everything expired and everything that doesn’t serve your nutrition needs. Better in the trash that on your thighs! Next, group like items. Keep the most used things easiest to get to. Put extra / bulk backstock high and household / pets low.

12% of people are embarrassed to have people in their homes due to clutter. We don’t like that! We want you to love where you live and be as hospitable as you want!

We think a junk drawer is a necessity. How you organize that junk drawer can make a big difference though! At the very least, find a drawer organizer and keep things separate and organized.

That’s all for now. If you need help with home organization, let us know!

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