How They Stopped Fighting About Money & Teamed Up On The Budget

🎙️ Hello, everyone! It’s Shana and Vanessa here, and we’ve just wrapped up an incredible chat with Rosie and Jordan, a Michigan duo who’ve taken the reins on their financial future like bosses. Their journey is as inspiring as it is relatable, and we’re here to spill the tea. ☕️

For us money has always been something that in our marriage that has caused some strife.

Let’s set the scene: Rosie, a supermom who’s multitasking magic at home, and Jordan, the educator with a heart of gold, found themselves at a financial crossroads. Like many of us, they were no strangers to the “where did all our money go?” dance. So when Rosi took on the family finances, she was diving into the deep end without a floatie.

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Their turning point came, as many do, over a podcast episode – ours, in fact. It struck a chord, and they were all in for some financial coaching. Jordan was a little more cautious but Rosi knew it’s what they needed. Plus, she was “in her coaching era” of life. (We like the sound of that!)

Learning to view money management as a skill rather than a natural talent is crucial.

Working with us, they discovered that budgeting didn’t have to be about pinching pennies till they scream. We crafted a plan as unique as their family, balancing Jordan’s desire to save with Rosie’s love of spending.

Jordan loved that they were able to set up an annual / quarterly bills account to save up for the big things that come up.

Couple Planning Budget Together

Rosi loved that she had spending money every month that she could do whatever she wanted with. She said she never felt restricted, even though they were on a budget.

Just because you never spend money doesn’t make you good with money.

The results? Nothing short of amazing. Debt started dropping like hot potatoes – we’re talking over $16,000 gone in just a few months. And the best part? Those dreaded money talks turned into productive pow-wows. They were finally on the same page, singing from the same financial hymn sheet.

Here are some highlights from their coaching journey:

  • Rosi’s Initial Struggle: Rosi found any conversations about money nerve-wracking. She hadn’t grown up with a lot of money so she would get anxious when talking about money, whether it was just to Jordan or their financial advisor. Now she says she almost looks forward to it.
  • Jordan’s Skepticism: Jordan’s was initially skeptical about financial coaching but after just two sessions realized how much value he was getting and how much it was improving his marriage and communication around money.
  • The Coaching Process: They’d done Dave Ramsey before, but they hadn’t stuck with it. Our tailored approach helped them look forward to budgeting and allowed them to move away from rigid methods to one that fit their family’s unique needs.
  • Communication Breakthroughs: They went from fighting about money and not ever making any progress after financial “discussions” to felling like a team and having “pleasant” conversations. Rosi said “never had I ever high-fived about money.” She can’t say that anymore!
  • Children’s Involvement: They also began teaching their kids about money, especially after their daughter told Rosi, “Just swipe the credit card mom.”
  • Debt Be Gone: They ditched the rack up / pay off monthly credit card cycle. Instead, they planned exactly where their money for bills, spending and saving.

It’s a story we see time and again, but it never gets old. Rosie and Jordan’s tale is a testament to the power of partnership, communication, and a little expert guidance.

Couple Planning Budget Together

Lessons Learned:

  1. Open Communication: Discussing finances openly can transform a potentially divisive issue into an opportunity for collaboration within a marriage.
  2. Investment in Coaching: Seeking expert guidance can be a valuable investment in a family’s financial and relational well-being.
  3. Personalized Approach: A one-size-fits-all method is less effective than a tailored financial plan that takes into account personal circumstances and goals.
  4. Joint Financial Responsibility: Both partners taking an active role in budgeting can strengthen their partnership and financial health.
  5. The Value of Planning: Setting up budget categories or “buckets” helps in planning for periodic expenses and reduces financial stress.
  6. Education and Mindset Shift: Learning to view money management as a skill rather than a natural talent is crucial for financial growth.
  7. Behavioral Changes: Transitioning from credit to debit can lead to more mindful spending habits and less financial stress.
  8. Transparency and Honesty: Being transparent and honest with a coach, and by extension within the marriage, leads to better results.
  9. Teamwork: Tackling financial goals as a team can bring couples closer and make achieving objectives more enjoyable and satisfying.
  10. Spiritual Integration: Incorporating faith into the financial journey can provide additional strength and perspective.

As we wrap up the inspiring saga of Rosi and Jordan, we’re reminded of the power of taking that first step towards financial clarity. Their journey from confusion to conquering debt is not just a testament to their commitment but also an invitation to all of us. It’s a call to action — to rise above our financial challenges and to craft a life of abundance and peace of mind.

If Rosi and Jordan’s story resonates with you, if you find yourself nodding along and wishing for a similar transformation, know that this isn’t just their story — it could be yours too. Remember, every great journey begins with a simple, brave decision.

So why not make that decision today? We’re here to guide you through the twists and turns of your own financial narrative. If you’re ready to start writing your success story, we invite you to book a free call with us. No strings attached, just a conversation about where you are, where you want to be, and how we can help you bridge that gap.

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