How to eat healthy when your family doesn’t want to

Lessons from the Sessions is our weekly blog that gives you insight from what we’re coaching on in our coaching sessions.

Today we were coaching a client who is making two different dinners: her’s & her family’s. This is in an effort to eat healthy. Here’s the problem:

The family needs to eat healthy too. Now, there may be less wiggle room with dad but you are in charge of the kids. And while they may seem set in their ways and picky and whatever else–you can and should still win this battle.

It’s your responsibility to teach them to eat healthy, even if they don’t like it. You taught them to brush their teeth even though they didn’t like it. Why? Because the consequences are worth it. Your child’s nutrition habits will have major consequences eventually as well if you don’t work on it now.

That being said, we know it’s not easy. Been there done that. There are many strategies we coach clients on to help, but in this session we are just starting with two:

1. SMALLLLLL portions. Yes, the smaller the better. Your child will not starve, they will get food in, don’t worry. What you want to do here is introduce food in very small portions. We often put more in front of them than they need anyway. but, the main point of this strategy is to give your kid (and you) an easy win. If all they have to do is choke down three bites to win, HOORAY! Then, maybe, they can get seconds if they decided it wasn’t so bad. These small portions go for everything on the plate so they can’t fill up on what they do like. Once everything is gone, you might allow them to get more of what they love. But, take what you normally serve and cut in half. Think SMALLLLL portions.

2. Take them shopping! Allow them to be part of the process from beginning to end. Don’t pressure them, let them decide! For example, you might take them and have them pick out one fruit and one vegetable for the week that they are going to eat. Don’t be afraid to let them repeat things over and over-that’s natural and it’s fine. One battle at a time. 😉

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