How to stop being stuck and take action immediately

What is nagging at you right now? What’s the one thing that you really want to do, to cross off your list, to FINALLY tackle?

There’s usually one or two things that are nagging at us that for some reason just stay undone. But, whyyyyyy?

Most of the time it’s because we’ve made the problem into some big ambiguous cloud in our head. If we took the time to really think/brainstorm about it, it really wouldn’t seem quite so difficult after all. So, that’s the exercise we’re going to work through today.

First, what’s the nagging thing? Name it.

Now, underneath, brainstorm as many of the smallest parts of that thing that you can. For example:

Playroom/Junk Room

  • Research days / times for donations @ Thrift Store
  • Paint doors
  • Fix caulking
  • Schedule time to go through items in room
  • Go through items in room
  • Donate furniture
  • Donate clothes
  • Take remodeling leftovers to dump

Notice how many action items there are. Notice how specific they are as well. Notice that even things like scheduling the time is on the list! Get it all out. The goal of this braindump is to get everything out of your brain. There’s no more need to worry or wonder. It’s all on paper.

Now, you’re going to categorize and prioritize everything on your list.

First, Look at your list: is there anything on it that, if you did it, would eliminate something else? Or, is there a smarter solution that you could exchange for something on your list (ie donate vs waste time 7 energy trying to sale old clothes?)

Next, group like items. Next, prioritize your list items in the order they should occur. Finally, plug them all into your calendar. Be realistic about how long each will take.

Then, all you need to do is show up each day, tackle one thing at a time and before you know it, you’re done!

This solution works so well because it gets everything out of your brain where it’s ambiguous and not achievable.

Next, you’re breaking things down to such small items that you’ll find much less resistance everytime you go to take action.

You’ll build trust with yourself that you can do the small things. And guess what? The small things add up to big things.

Action is the antidote to the small, nagging anxiety you have in the pit of your stomach. So, get after it!

Let us know if we can help.

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