Ideal Balance Holiday Sale

If ever there was a time, this is the year to give away services and gift certificates as physical products seem to be hard to come by. Add to that the idea that we know you don’t want to give folks stuff that might clutter up their home or that might wind up not being used.


We want to offer everything we do to you to give away at a SPECIAL price so that you can help your loved one get healthy, get organized and get debt-free. Check out the offers below!

1 month small group personal training $50

12 in-person group training sessions + nutrition coaching

Two 45-minute coaching sessions $89

Can be redeemed for financial, life, health or business coaching

2 hour Home Organization Session $99

Two organizers, two hours & we’ll take your unwanted stuff when we go!

Ideal Bundle $229

2-hr home organization session + two 45-min coaching sessions + 12 small group personal training sessions

We will also have boxes & bundles for sale ($20) at the Dec. 4 craft show in Navarre, Florida!

Fitness To Go Box
  • Meal prep container
  • 5 recipe cards w/ shopping list
  • 5 printed workout cards
  • Habit Tracker Worksheet
  • Exercise, nutrition & mindset journal
  • Other Fun Treats!
Budget Bundle
  • Budget worksheet
  • Debt Payoff & Savings Chart
  • Budget meeting snacks
  • Change rolls
  • Scissors/Pens/Pencils
  • Free Mini Champagne w/purchase
Date Night in a Box
  • Date Night Conversation Cards
  • Dream Date Worksheet
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Intimacy Dice Game
  • Bath & Body Massage Oil
  • Other Fun Treats!

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