It’s time to minimize & organize

Reclaim your space! Let’s inject joy & peace into your home.

Your home is your sanctuary. Unfortunately, we don’t always feel that way. Maybe you feel anxious or annoyed at the clutter that surrounds you. Maybe it feels like you’re constantly working to manage your home and the stuff in it, but you can’t seem to get ahead. We know YOU want a home you can feel peaceful in, a home that reflects your unique personality and family!

We’re going to walk you through a six step process to intentionally and thoughtfully minimize, then organize so that you can finally be present and enjoy your space! Join us for a live Less is More workshop.

What do you get with this workshop?

  • 90 minute course that walks through the mindset shift, the problem, the solution, secret strategies and the process to get your home in order.
  • A 40+ page workbook to help you go through your home.
  • 33 Journaling questions to help you get clarity of mind and plan each step.
  • Tips and strategies for each and every category of item in your home.
  • Bonus 15 minute coaching session to help you get started once you’ve completed the workshop.

Mindset Shift

The more stuff we have, the more we stuff we have to maintain, organize, clean and store. Yet, the less we have, the more time, space and freedom we can have.

Cure for Clutter

The definition for clutter is stuff that hasn’t been put away. So what we need to do is find a home for everything. Guess what that means? We need to make sure we have enough space for all the stuff first. And to do that, we will have to get real and make sure we’re keeping things for the right reasons.

Systemize & Finish All At Once

We’re going to talk about the best practices with minimizing and organizing your home, including the six step process to completely conquer your entire home.

Get ready to have a home you love that you can easily manage.

We know it feels like you’re constantly working on organizing or cleaning your home, and that’s what little time you have left in your day.

We also know what you want is to be able to enjoy your home and be present with your family while you’re in it. We’re here to help.

Set aside the time to learn and get motivated on EXACTLY how to get your home together.


Your investment is just $20. You’ll finish knowing exactly what to do to get your home in order and functioning the way you wish.

I would rather have extra space and extra time than extra stuff.

Francine Joy