Let’s talk goals + why

Okay, we all have goals. And for nearly everyone, health / fitness find their way into our goals in some form of fashion. Our clients are no exception. But when we talk goals for health / fitness, we really try to get well rounded. We recognize that a simple “lose weight” isn’t going to cut it. Nope, not good enough.

Rather, we think that if you really allow yourself to dream, you’ll recognize that health / fitness goals apply to every part of your life. What do we mean?

  • Family: You might have a goal to have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids. Great!
  • Health: Your doctor might have told you to get your blood sugars low. Alright, another goal.
  • Finance: Maybe you want to spend less on eating our or buying bigger size clothing.
  • Marriage: Hey, maybe you want to get in better shape so your confidence or desire in the bedroom will increase (we’re not pulling any punches).
  • Spiritual: Maybe you realize you’re leaning on food or alcohol more than prayer or meditation. Another great area to set goals in.
  • Personal: Maybe you just want to be proud of yourself and you’re tired of not showing up for yourself.

Your health and fitness goals really should span many areas of your life. And we know our clients tend to focus on just one area or another. Are you doing the same? Is it easy for you to say you’re doing this for your family or for the doctor but once you start daydreaming about how YOU will feel in that cute dress or even in the bedroom you clam up and stop daring to dream?

We want it all. We want you to dare to dream, to have many goals, to really connect with how getting your health / fitness in order will have such a domino effect in your life.

Once we find goals for the different areas of life, we’re going to want to drill down some whys too.

Why do you want to look good in your clothes? Why do you want more energy? Why do you want to stop emotionally eating?

We need the why. In the moment when you’re talking yourself into a workout or out of a candy bar, you need a why that is stronger than those desires. You need to want to be ablet o go on hikes and bike ridesw ith your kids more than you want to sleep in. You have to KNOW that why though, beforehand, so you can use it as motivation in the moment.

So, set your goals. Think long and hard. Think about all the different areas of your life and why health / fitness is important. Then, after you name the goal, name the why. WHY is it important to you? WHY is it more important than what you want right now?

Alright, so let’s hear it. What are your goals? Why are they important to you?

  1. Goal ~> Why
  2. Goal ~> Why
  3. Goal ~> Why
  4. Goal ~> Why
  5. Goal ~> Why

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Ideal Balance is The Life Coaching Facility in Navarre focused on Fitness, Family & Finance. We know people are stressed about money, they’re unorganized, they’re unhappy with their bodies, they’re distracted and they’re not thriving. But we believe humans are built to be strong & energetic and that good things come to those who work hard and are disciplined. So we coach people to get healthy, to get organized, & to get debt free. The vision is people having a happy & healthy life they’re proud of. We don’t take excuses but we do get results!

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