Make your health habits easier

When it comes to being healthy, we all have goals and ambitions. One of the best tricks we can apply is to make the things we want to do easier to do and the temptations we have harder to do.

So, think about the healthy habits you have or want to develop. Then, problem solve on how to make those easier.

For example, if having healthy shakes is part of your daily health routine, a cabinet like this might do you good. Having the ingredients and tools you need to make those shakes easy to get to and easy to put away will make you much more likely to do it.

On the flip side, if you want to avoid temptations like candy, junk food and other stuff, we’re going to recommend you get them completely out of your house. That way, eating unhealthy stuff is harder to do and therefore, just because you’re human, you’ll do it less.

Another example might be you working out. Setting out your clothes the night before is a great way to encourage that habit. In that way, you’re making it easier to do. Schedule it in your calendar and block that time out, once again, making it easier to do. Adding in a coach or accountability partner will make it harder for you to bail on this healthy habit too.

Drinking water is another healthy habit most of us want to do. Keeping your water bottle clean, nearby and full is the way to make this easier. Become the kind of person who always has their water bottle within reach. Make sure it’s a water bottle you like using and that is easy to use as well as easy to clean. All of these minute details will make developing this habit much more likely. On the flip side, if avoiding sugary drinks is a habit you want to lose, the best first step is to keep them out of your home/office.

Think about your healthy habits and temptations. How can you make the habits easier and temptations harder?

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