This list of services shows you just what we love to do: we love to work 1-on-1 and in a group setting and we love to hit all the topics that really affect your daily life.

1-on-1 Virtual Sessions

Financial Coaching
Stop stressing about money. We will work with you 1-on-1 to develop a budget, a plan to get out of debt and build wealth.

Health Coaching

With this coaching package, we will meet every other week. We’ll create a vision for your health including a workout plan, a nutrition plan and focus on developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits.

Life Coaching

Become a better version of you! There are many areas in life you want to upgrade and you just need a little guidance and accountability, right? Let’s define your priorities, clarify the obstacles and get after it together. We use proven life-coaching techniques to help our clients become the person they were created to be!

Coming again after Coronavirus shutdowns.

Group Coaching

Small Group Personal Training
Join us for a personal-trainer led small group fitness workout Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Group Life Coaching
Immediately following the workout, tune into a 45-minute group coaching class on relevant topics like budgets, getting out of debt, home organization, nutrition, meal-prepping, schedule blocking and more.

Homeschool P.E.

Take a break Mom! Drop your kiddos off Monday & Wednesday mornings. You get time to yourself and they get a teacher-led workout, play and lunch-time with friends!


Budget Like a Rockstar
No matter your financial goal, the budget is the most important tool you need to achieve it.

Kickstart Your Ideal Life
This intensive workshop will help you cast a vision and create a plan in the 5 areas of life you consider most important.

Less is More

Simplify your life by declutter your budget, your schedule and your home.

Couple Goals
Have a dream date with your partner where you start dreaming again and set goals.

Small Business Finance

In this workshop, we show you how to set up a business so that you actually make money and don’t drown in accounting.

Vision Board

We will inspire you to craft a vision for your Ideal Life and then help you create something beautiful to represent it.

Mini Millionaires

In this fun, activity-filled workshop, we teach kids the truth about money and introduce the three things they need to do with it: Give, Save & Spend.

Stress-Free Degree

Learn how to earn a degree without an enormous financial burden as a graduation gift.

How to Become a Millionaire
Young people have the biggest advantage when it comes to building wealth: they aren’t saddled with debt and they have TIME on their side. In this workshop, we show them exactly how to be an everyday millionaire on an everyday income.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7