Mini Money Managers

Empower your kids to win with money!

Mini Money Managers is a fun 1.5 hour class where kids can learn about money including earning it, saving it, being generous and even how to budget! Using chocolate gold coins, children are invited into the world of winning with money using their love of chocolate and learning!

Join us for Mini Money Managers August 14 @ 11am in Navarre, Fl.



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Mini Money Managers

Earning vs. Entitlement

We all want our kids to understand about the dignity of work and earning money using their skills and work ethic. We start them off with that in this class where we have them do a fun sensory-stimulating activity to “earn” money for the day.

Give. Save. Spend.

These are the three categories we’re going to teach your littles about when it comes to money. Training them in these habits will set them up to win with money. In this part of the workshop we introduce fun, interactive activities so they can DO since so many of us learn better when we DO.


We know you want so much for your kids. Part of that is the legacy you’re going to leave with them to be smart and generous with money. This is why we do what we do, we want to get your minis started on the path to become future millionaires who are thriving & living generously.

Give your kids the gift of being empowered & responsible with money.


Your investment is just $5 but we think you & your minis you’re going to get so much more out of this workshop. It’ll be paying dividends for years to come!

Teaching kids about money is never just about money.

Dave Ramsey

Join us. August 14th @ 11 am. You won’t regret it.