Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, give mom what she really wants: A peaceful, decluttered space!

Mom is busy trying to make it all happen: food, school, activities, laundry, work and everything in between. What she doesn’t always have time for is to completely declutter and re-organize her space. But you know what? That’s probably the thing she’d truly love and even benefit from the most.

We say it like this:

Less is more.

  • Less stuff = more time.
  • Less clutter = less anxiety.
  • Less stuff = more space.
  • Less clutter = more peace.

When the home is in order, Mom can relax. She can feel peace and maybe even feel like she has time to sit down and play a game or read a book. What a concept!

When the home is not in order, it’s constantly nagging at her nerves. Even if she’s nice as can be (though we know we’re certainly not this way), it’s still always in the back of her mind, pushing, prodding. Her work feels like it’s never done.

That’s why our MOTHER’S DAY HOME MAKEOVER Gift Card is the best gift you can give her. Her home in order is the magic that creates a vibrant & happy life. It’s how you’re able to live stress-free.

Our process is simple:

  1. Mom picks the space that is causing her the most pain.
  2. We schedule a consult and then the 3-hour session.
  3. She sets aside the most important things to keep in the space.
  4. We come, we completely clear it out, clean it, then gently help her make decisions about what to keep. Then we organize & beautify what’s left.
  5. We take everything with us!! We leave you with a brand new, organized, clutter-free, pretty CLEAN SLATE!

Here are some photos of our past work. Our goal is to give make you love your space again. We aim to help you feel calm, relieved & at peace.