2023 November Budget Guide: Preparing for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Hey there, fellow budget enthusiasts! It’s that time again—November is here, and it’s time to get your budget game on. We’re here to walk you through setting up your November budget, making it a breeze, and helping you stay accountable. Budgeting with us every month can be your secret weapon to financial success. 🌟

The Budget Power Hour: Your Trusty Sidekick
First things first, you’ll need a budgeting template or workbook to get started. Enter the Budget Power Hour, our secret weapon for budgeting success. It’s a comprehensive system that helps you track your debts, assets, and even automates your monthly budgets. Say goodbye to repetitive data entry! 📊

Wrap Up October: Cross Those T’s and Dot Those I’s
Before diving into November’s budget, let’s wrap up October. Take a moment to reflect on any changes you had to make throughout the month. Did you need to tweak your grocery budget or find that you had extra gas money left over? Finalize your October numbers; it’s crucial!

Why, you ask? Well, by having accurate October figures, you’ll have a clear picture of how the month went. This historical data will come in handy for next October. 📈

Using Calculator and Writing on Notebook on Table

November Budget: Breaking It Down
Now, let’s focus on November. Your budget has five main parts: income, debts, bills, spending, and savings. Let’s explore what you need to consider for each category:

1. Income
Income can be tricky in November. Bonuses, vacation time, Christmas bonuses—these can all impact your earnings. Make sure to account for any changes in your income for the month.

2. Bills
With changing seasons, your bills might fluctuate. Heating bills may rise while electric bills fall. Consider any seasonal changes in your bills, and adjust your budget accordingly.

3. Spending
This is where the real action happens. Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and Christmas shopping—it’s all part of the November experience. Plan your spending carefully, especially for Thanksgiving. Remember, budgeting for Thanksgiving dinner is essential!

4. Travel
If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, budget not only for gas but also for activities and expenses at your destination. Planning is key here; don’t leave things unbudgeted.

Autumn Budget Concept

5. Special Occasions
As we approach the holiday season, be prepared for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. Make sure to allocate funds for these events.

Christmas Fund: Start Saving Now
Christmas is around the corner, and it’s never too early to start saving. Instead of waiting until December, begin setting aside funds in November. This way, you’ll be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals without resorting to credit cards. 🎄💰

Annual Subscriptions
Many times those annual subscriptions pop up in November because you opted in due to a Black Friday deal? Account for those as well in your monthly budget. After this month, you can start setting aside a little each month into your annual bills account so you’re ready next year!

181 | How This Special Ed Teacher Ditched Impulse Spending, Afforded Daycare & Paid Off Debt Financial Coaching for Women: How To Budget, Manage Money, Pay Off Debt, Save Money, Paycheck Plans

In today’s episode, we're chatting with Catherine, a super mom and special ed teacher who's been rocking a side gig in copywriting. We're diving into her inspiring journey of turning financial chaos into calm. Catherine's World: Catherine juggles a demanding teaching career with her creative side hustle in copywriting, all while being a mom to two adorable, energetic little ones. It's a life filled with love, laughter, and, let's be honest, a bit of chaos too. The Lightbulb Moment: Picture this: Catherine, just like any of us, stumbles upon our podcast-specifically an Impulse Spending episode. It sparks something in her. She's dealing with rising daycare costs that are giving her sleepless nights. She thinks, “Enough is enough,” and decides it's time for a change. Budgeting Like a Boss: Here’s where Catherine turns things around. She starts by mapping out where her money is going (and where it needs to stop going!). She sets some real goals, giving every dollar a job. It’s not just about cutting back; it’s about making smart choices. Sinking Funds to the Rescue: Catherine introduces us to her game-changer strategy: savings buckets. Think of these like little pots of gold for different needs – one for daycare, another for those unexpected 'oops' moments, and even one for celebrating the good times, guilt-free. Tackling Daycare Like a Pro: So, daycare costs are soaring, right? Catherine doesn't just throw her hands up. She tweaks her budget, making room for this non-negotiable expense. Her daycare sinking fund becomes her peace of mind, ensuring her kiddos get the care they need without breaking the bank. Kissing Impulse Buys Goodbye: We've all been there – those little purchases that add up. Catherine shares her secret sauce: mindful shopping. She starts asking herself, "Do I really need this, or is it just a 'want'?" Plus, switching to cash makes her think twice before splurging. Life on the Brighter Side: Here’s the best part. Catherine's not just surviving; she's thriving. Less worry about bills means more quality time with her family. She’s feeling confident and in control, setting an amazing example for her kids on how to handle money with grace. Catherine's Heartfelt Advice: To anyone feeling overwhelmed with their finances, Catherine’s got your back. She says, "Face it head-on. Get help if you need it. Trust me, it’s worth it." A huge thank you to Catherine for sharing her incredible journey, filled with practical takeaways and inspiring insights. Her story is a remarkable example of what can be achieved with determination and the right strategies. Your Turn: Feeling inspired by Catherine’s story? We'd love to hear your journey towards financial wellness. Join our community, share your story, and let’s support each other in this journey. — Next Steps > > > Email us any questions: info@myidealbalance.com Interested in Coaching? We work 1:1 with clients to do everything we talk about in this show. If you’re interested, click the link below to set up a FREE 30 minute free session with us. We’ll chat, get to know one another and see if coaching is a good option for you! There is no obligation whatsoever on this call, but we will give you some quick wins you can implement immediately to level up your money management! ⁠⁠Book a free 20 minute financial coaching session with us!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠ Join our free Facebook Group! Visit Our Website  "I love Shana & Vanessa and this podcast is amazing!" < If that sounds like you, please consider rating and reviewing our show! It helps us to reach more people – just like you – to help them change their financial future. Don’t forget to follow the show so you don’t miss any episodes! And, if you’re feeling really generous, we’d be SO honored if you would share this podcast with someone. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/idealbalance/message
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Winterize Your Home
If you’re not in sunny Florida (where we are), you might need to winterize your home or car. From changing tires to insulating pipes, these expenses can add up. Budget for them accordingly.

Defer Payments: A Temporary Solution
While we don’t generally recommend it, some clients have deferred their car payments to manage their Christmas budget. Remember, this is a short-term solution and not ideal. But, if it helps you avoid further debt, it’s worth considering.

A Different Kind of Christmas
Embrace the idea that this Christmas might be different. Instead of maxing out your credit cards, you’ll be paying in cash, stress-free and guilt-free. Ask yourself, would your loved ones want you to go into debt for presents? The answer is usually a resounding no!

Budget Creatively
Consider creative gifts or homemade presents. Get your family involved in making gifts—it can be a fun and bonding experience.

Black Friday Sale (How To Budget For Them)
Let’s talk about budgeting for Black Friday Sales.

Prepare for Black Friday
Finally, our goal is for you to be prepared for Black Friday with cash in your pocket. Take advantage of those sales, stay debt-free, and make this holiday season stress-free and memorable.

Let’s make this November your best budgeting month yet! Feel free to reach out to us at info@myidealbalance.com with any questions or stories about your winterizing adventures. We’d love to hear from you!

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