Once you start, it’ll get easier. (just give it 3 minutes)

Some things that you know you need to do, like working out or journaling, can seem to produce this REBEL spirit that makes you not want to do it. If that sounds familiar, congrats! You’re normal.

We try to break this by making it easy to start. So, if you’re finding yourself FIGHTING working out, make it almost as easy to NOT do as it would be to DO. That might mean deciding on ONLY a 5 minute workout or planking 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off for three minutes.

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It might mean just agreeing to workout for five minutes. Once you get started, you might “accidentally” feel inclined to keep going. That’s based on your own sense of pride for starting as well as the concept that a body in motion may as well continue in motion. 😉

With our client recently, a gratitude list about her spouse was the hard thing. The funny thing is our brains do these things called confirmation bias and the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon.

Once I started, it was easy. I know that was your plan you freaking trickster!


So, once she sat down to write a few positive things, her brain will 1) want to find other things to confirm what she’s thinking and 2) start noticing more and more as it focuses on the good, instead of the bad. So, when she committed to writing three, her brain began to find more automatically. Before she knew it, she had a longer list than we asked for!

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So, we encourage you to take your hard things and chunk them down to the easiest possible way to start. Then, let that positive momentum keep you going!

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  1. Stuart Danker Avatar

    I feel this way about everything. It’s not the actual task that hurts, but the getting started. So you’re totally right on starting with small steps and ‘accidentally’ feeling like going on. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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