Personal Finance Education

Day camp for young folks where they’ll learn age-appropriate lessons about money!


We are excited to teach Navarre’s youth the basics of personal finance and winning with money. We’ve got a class for every age group that addresses what they need to know it according to their age. As Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coaches, we teach basic principles including generosity, budgeting, savings, investing and staying out of debt. Keep reading to find the right class for your kiddos!

Teaching kids about money is never just about money.

Dave Ramsey

Kids & Money

  • Tuesday, July 12th 9am – 12pm
  • Rising 6th – 8th
  • $30
  • In this class, we will teach kids the basics of personal finance which include: budgeting, earning vs. entitlement, saving, investing and more. We will begin by teaching the foundational lessons of giving, saving & spending as it applies to their current money circumstances (chores, birthday money, etc.) Next, attendees will create a future self and then create a budget according to their vision for the future. This budget will begin with the income of their desired career. From there, attendees will attempt to afford the life they desire as we add in expenses and bills that include both needs and wants.

How to become a millionaire

  • Wednesday, July 13th 10am to 12pm
  • Rising 9th & up
  • $25
  • Did you know setting aside just $100 a month for the first seven years of your adult life will compound, by your 60s and without any other investments, to over $1,000,000? It’s that easy. But it’s also that hard. We are on a mission to show young people the two extreme advantages they have with money: time & no debt. In this class we teach them how to budget, how & why to save and the ins & outs of debt & credit scores. We will also help them envision a future made possible by smart financial decisions.

Cash for College

  • Wednesday, July 13th 12pm to 3pm
  • Rising 9th & up
  • $30
  • The average student loan payment is $393 a month and the average total student loan debt amount is $37,172. It takes about 30 years for most folks to pay off their student loans. We don’t want young people starting their life off weighed down by debt. In this class, we discuss & plan what the right next steps are including *if* college, which college, budgeting for college, scholarships for college, saving for college & paying for college as you go. Your child will create an actual college budget and also have the opportunity to find an appropriate scholarship to apply for.

The camp will be help in the Sand Dollar Plaza on 87 @ 1900 FL-87 Suite D. Navarre, FL 32566.