Redefine those moments of temptation

We all have our moments. Everyone of us has patterns we slip into that do not represent our best choices or the goals we have.

For some of us, that may be the time you Netflix and chill and before you know it, half the ice cream or bag of chips is gone!

For some of us, that might be that busy time of day when dinner is being made (or ordered), people are getting home, homework is being fought and / or the laundry is sitting there staring at you. time for a glass of wine!

Still for others it may be an innocent meal out that turns into losing your willpower, binge eating and stuffing yourself so much that it hurts.

Listen, we all have moments.

The trick with health & fitness is to recognize what YOUR patterns are and then slowly try to tweak those moments so that they become winning moments instead of losing ones.

So, let’s take the first example. If you know that’s your problem, you can also come up with a solution. Perhaps the solution is to do something else with your hands while chilling. Or, maybe it’s simply changing out the snack. Maybe it’s reading instead of television. Whatever it is, we like to recommend small changes at a time until they get easy. Quitting cold turkey could work, but it’s not likely. It’s especially not likely to last long term. On the other hand, if you slowly teach your brain to change the habit over time, you’re likely to have success. We have no doubt you can be creative and come up with something that will work for you.

In the next example, you might simply decide to change something about the situation. Maybe try not to do all the hard things at once. Maybe homework waits until after dinner. Maybe laundry moved to another time and is paired with a favorite show or podcast. On the other hand, maybe you go for a walk while everyone is getting home and settled. Maybe you meal prep so you’re not in the kitchen at the busy stressful time. Finally, maybe you change to a sparking water or tea so you still get the manual habit, minus the calories and alcohol.

This is the way we tweak our patterns and habits that aren’t serving up. We do it slowly, in bitesize changes.

So what are your moments? Be honest, recognize who you are and when you’re making choices out of emotion or habit that DO NOT SERVE your goals.

Next, come up with a little hack to change your patterns for the better, slowly and surely.

  1. Moment ~> Small Change
  2. Moment ~> Small Change
  3. Moment ~> Small Change
  4. Moment ~> Small Change

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