Our Personal Recommendations

Welcome to our personal recommendations page! This is the spot where we update to share our favorite products that our families use all the time or that we recommend in the pursuit of the Ideal Balance.

Please note: many of these links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, we may make a small commission that is solely used to help keep this website running – And remember, we only link to products I personally use and support. Now enjoy the recommendations and let us know if you have any questions!

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Battle Ropes

This one piece of equipment will provide you with an easy-to-setup workout that packs a HUGE cardio punch. It’s cardio for your arms!

Teal Slam Ball

This ball is very versatile and can give be used for any single or combination workout including: strength, cardio, core and balance!

Resistance Band

You can take this with you wherever you go to get a great workout in since it’s small & lightweight but still evil enough to make you burn!



The one and only shake you need. It’s got all the vitamins and minerals you want, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, phytpnutritiens, adaptogens, etc etc etc. We both drink it everyday and so does our family.

Primal Kitchen Dressings

Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. These dressings make it fun and easy. Just pick and raw veggies out from the store or even get a premade salad kit (broccoli slaw anyone?) and add these dressings. Boom, a meal! You can trust these dressings because they’re made with real ingredients and none of the junk.


We both use this everyday to support our joints and bones, but also hair, skin and nails!


Sheet Pan

This one pan can make your meal prep so easy & fast! And hey, only one dish to clean up! Pair it with our sheet pan cookbook and you’re good to go!

Glass Jars

These glass jars are so fun for meal prep. Use them for deliciousness that you can dump out on a plate and eat!

Food Storage

No BPA. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, fridge safe. It’s better for you. And, the lids are teal. Need we say more?


Cord Help

Home organization must consider solivng problems and visual clutter. We also want to make things easy to put away. This cord helper does just that.

Linen Storage

You need something that can handle the job of big linens while also looking beautiful. Tada!

Lazy Susan w/ Wall

These work everywhere: the kitchen, the bathroom, the fridge and even the garage! Just be sure you get them with walls so you feel more secure when spinning!


Coconut Oil

Whether you’re using it to moisturize your skin, as a base for essential oils or for oil pulling (oral hygiene), coconut oil is like the wonder drug. Except it’s not a drug. We both use it everyday!

Dry Brush

Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and has a number of benefits including getting rid of dead skin, uncloging pores, increasing circulation and more.

Tooth Powder

Remineralize your teeth while you clena them. This powder has all the good stuff and works like toothpaste without adding in harmful chemicals that are messing with your teeth and your oral health.


Wake Light

The design is pretty but the function is what matters. This light helps you wake up naturally by mimicking hte sunlight.

Sleep Mask

It’s a best seller on Amazon for a reason! It’s a comfy sleep mask that allows you to sleep better because your brain knows it’s time to sleep! It’s also a great thing to have when traveling – or gift it to someone who travels a lot.

Bogg Bag

This dual sided weighted blanket works whether you’re hot or you’re cold. It’s going to help you sleep better.


Cash Envelope System

Cash is the best accountability partner. It will help you get back in touch with your spending and habits. Plus, when something is cute, it’s more fun!

Money Bank

We recommend you have several sinking funds after you’ve established your emergency fund. These cute containers can help!

Money Bank

Your kids will love this bank that tells them how much they’re adding and how much they have saved. It’ll help them learn to enjoy saving money.



This mineral sunscreen is safe with none of the awful ingredients. It’s water & sweat resistant. Plus the bottle changes colors to let you know harmful UV rays are hitting!

Bug Spray

Safe & natural bug spray to keep the critters away which is very necessary where we live in Florida.

Bogg Bag

You need this bag. It’s cute, it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t lose shape. It’s got your back!