Set boundaries & stop letting your priorities fall-AGAIN- to the bottom of the list

Last week we had several clients that rescheduled their coaching appointments. They had all sorts of reasons:

  • Driving with my husband to go buy a car
  • Tried to fit in a client and it went over
  • Scheduled birthday massages for me & my daughter

None of these reasons is a problem all by itself. They are all reasonable, right?

However, the truth is that if you don’t find a way to set boundaries, you will find your needs, desires, goals and wants second to everything else in life. While that seems noble, it’s not.

First, you’re showing everyone around you the example that it’s okay to always put yourself last and to never allow yourself discipline and focus for YOUR own goals.

Secondly, you will eventually build up resentment, whether you believe it or not. We’ve seen it time and time again. You might call it the mom/wife boomerang. In the beginning, mom/wife tries so so hard for everyone else. And she does a great job. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that she has trained her family that she will do everything & be everything which eventually becomes exhausting. At that point, she has to RETRAIN everyone based on healthy boundaries and expectations.

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Maybe you’re there today. Maybe some of this is ringing true.

Do you need to put some hard boundaries on whatever it is you’re doing for yourself? Are there some habits you can install or conversations you can have? No one else means to take up your “you” time, it just happens.

Speaking of your you time, how much of that do you ever get? How often is it the first thing to go? Your you time might be your workouts, your business, your meal planning, your budgeting, your walks, your sleep or something else.

Notice how often it gets pushed to the side for something more urgent but not necessarily more important.

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So what can you do?

Decide what’s important to you. What do you need to grow, to rejuvenate, to reach your goals? Set that time aside, communicate to your loved ones. Then stop giving that time right back just as soon as someone asks.

You’re not Cinderella. No one is coming to save you or do the work for you.

Sometimes that means doing the hard work, whether it’s not buying something, eating broccoli or doing one more set of exercises. But sometimes it’s the simple work of protecting your YOU time. Of making yourself a priority.

There is so much talk about self-care these days. But real self-care is TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. And we need the reminders about self-care because we are so apt to take care of OTHERS but we usually fall way behind on taking care of ourselves.

We’re betting that if you’re reading this, there’s little chance you’re not taking care of your people, your responsibilities and more. What doesn’t come automatic, however, is taking care of yourself. So you have to make THAT the priority so that it might have a chance to actually happen.

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