Affordable Shoe Cleaning Service


Helping your shoes shine as bright as you do!

My name is Kara Hebisen and my service to you is affordable shoe cleaning. My goal is to help your shoes shine as bright as you do!

A passion of mine is helping people have clean shoes to go with the perfect outfit. I have been cleaning my shoes for two years now and I started this business to help people have the same happiness I have, when my shoes are clean. Just to let you know, I clean all types of shoes.

My service includes me cleaning the shoes with the cleaner and conditioner, applying a certain water and stain repellent, then spraying a shoe freshener inside the shoe to make your shoe smell good. lastly, I will wrap your newly cleaned shoes in shrink wrap and put them in clear bag. Just so you can see your newly cleaned shoes.

For getting your shoes to me i can come pick them up and drop them off for an extra $10, or you can drop them off to me.